Whats the discipline for a no-call no-show

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    Can someone tell me how their center managers handle no call no shows. Can't really find anything in the contract that states discipline on this matter. I'm assuming if the persons attendance is good it might only warrant a warning letter but just want to know what others might have seen in their center.
  2. hypocrisy

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    Ours usually immediately sends a 72 hour notice.

    Assuming the employee shows up the next day, typically there is a progressive attendance discipline process:
    1. Documented talk with
    2. Warning letter
    3. 1 day suspension
    4. 3 day suspension
    5. 5 day suspension
    6. Termination

    This has been in writing from the Company in my district since the 80's.

    Part-timers are generally given 2 or 3 extra documented talk withs and an additional warning letter because otherwise the company would have fired most of them already (makes you wonder why they don't address the root cause of the problem).
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    No call , no show equals termination if they don't hear from you within 3 days. If you haven't called yet, make a call ASAP.
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    It all just depends on the employees relationship with management. I've seen part timer hourlies that had terrible attendance whether it be coming in more then a few minutes late frequently, or taking off an excessive number of days, or not showing up and not calling like you said, and they never get fired. I think they are more lenient with women from fear of the women claiming discrimination or something. I also know from conversation that stewards will use grievances to bargain union members jobs back, so even if you do get fired you have to be really hated or have done something terrible to not get your job back. I'm only speaking the truth here so don't take this as racist but I think that if you are female of an ethnic minority there are very very few things you can do to get permanently fired.
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    Don't worry you are not going to fired the first time.

    How hard is it to pick up a phone and call the center 1 hour before your shift and say I won't be in or im booking off. There is no exuse for a NO CALL NO SHOW unless your dead. People these days have thier cell phone stuck to thier ear or hands all day but can't seem to call work and tell them they won't be in. I guess the person (company) that provides you the ability to pay your bill isn't that important. I bet if your weren't going to be able to pick up your girlfriend to go out you would call her.

    I hope you eventually called and told them and don't forget to book back on ( 1 hour) before you go to work the next time or they will send you home.
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    This is something I find a bit strange. I called out sick recently and said it was nothing major and I dont remember exactly what I said but I think I said something along the lines of "It would be just today unless I say otherwise later on". I made this call at about 1:00 am when our shift starts at 4:30. The next day I went to work and received some beef about not saying I was gonna be there. I didnt get sent home but somebody else was there to take over my work, but they did end up going somewhere else. I don't know maybe it says something in the contract about calling when your coming back in? I would have thought that they would assume someone was coming in the next day unless they specifically said they would be out for the 2 days. Just seems strange that you have to call to say your coming back in when you never said you would be out more then 1 day. I guess I can see it both ways but it never occured to me to call and say I was coming back in the next day.

    I know that you guys are going to say something along the lines of "well then how do they know you are going to come in the next day if you don't call and say you are". I would hope that if I received the call and the employee said they were not going to be in "today" from being sick, that the employee would be in the next day unless they said otherwise.
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    If it's a first offense he should just give you a verbal warning
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    The whole thing about booking back on is so you only have to call in once if your going to be out more than one day. Otherwise you would have to call in everyday atleast 1 hr before your shift. So if your sick and shift starts at 4:00 am you would have to wake up at 3 and call in everyday that your where going to be out.
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    Usually' first time offense is just a talk to or warning letter, just depends on what kind of mood the sup is in. To be gone 3 days with no call is considered job abandonment!v
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    The no call no show was a fellow driver who just came back from being part time for a year because he had a DUI. During that year of working preload he had 6 no call no shows and was never disciplined. I am the steward representing him and planned on making an argument on his good attendance until I found this out. Because there was never any progressive discipline for the 6 occurences he only ended up with a warning letter, I think he now gets the picture that management is not fooling around anymore. Just wanted to know how other center manager handle these cases in other areas.
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    I think you should tell this driver he is lucky he still has a job at UPS and that he needs to get his head out of his A-- and smarting up. It's people like him that give the union at bad name because they think they can just do what ever they want becasue the UNION will keep bailing them out.
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    Midwest, first look at your contract, because everyone here has something different in their contract/supplement. I too am from the midwest and a no call/no show is only an attendance infraction. If you are a no call for 3 straight days and do not make contact before your start time on the 4th day it is considered job abandonment. UPS has guidelines they use for attendance 3, 5, 7, and 9 occurances from verbal for the 3rd, to written for the 5th, NOS for the 7th and NOT for the 9th.

    If there was no progressive discipline taken shame on the company for not trying to correct it before now, but that does not give them the right to skip verbal and written and go right for a suspension. Progressive discipline if used properly is there to change someones behavior. Also pull the employee on the side and explain that you and the union can help them in a lot of areas when they need it, but we cannot make them come to work everyday and on time, that is their responsibilty.
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    I was told that if you don't call in by the time you were suppose to start working, then it's considered a "no call, no show" and that counts as 3 absences. So if I oversleep and wake up @ 3:50am and I was suppose to start work at 3:45am, calling in is a waste of time because it will be considered a "no call no show" and it will be treated as 3 separate absences. Is this true?
  14. grgrcr88

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    No, it is true that you must call not only prior to your start time but one hour prior to your start time. However it will only count as on occurance unless you miss more than one shift. Here you are allowed 3 occurances in a 90 day period. On the 4th in 90 you get a warning letter, after that every occurance for the neat 9 months goes to the next step in progression. So 4 in 90 is WL, 5 in 9 months is pending suspension, 6 in nine months is pending termination.
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    That is just a guideline , it depends on the severity of the infraction as to what the manager wants to do. Personally ACNN is just a lack of caring or concern on that persons part and it should be dealt with as a serious infraction.