What's the latest on Rome "the RAT" A?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Sep 23, 2016.

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    FZ (and TDU) have the gall.... to accuse H&H of concessions ??


    And spongebob1.... was whining that "it was 10 years ago".

    Who are the hypocrites now ? :biggrin:

    The TDU narrative, fits their agenda.


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    GP H directed Z to sign off on that. You actually think Z did that on his own and why is it an issue now 10 years later and when the company has been out of business for years?
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    So your saying z didn't want to sign it but signed it anyway......does he care about the members or just boosting his own career........if he signs documents and does whatever he is told he shouldnt be running for president.......members livelihoods are at stake if he can't make simple decisions on his own he should do us all a favor and drop out of this election
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    don't think I said that. That settlement didn't affect the members other than giving them a share in the $500,000 settlement.Axis had no employees to organize, it was a brokerage company with no employees to organize and which contributed positive EBITDA to a bankrupt company to keep them in business. Z has already explained this if you were listening. I still don't understand why it's an issue now when it was signed a decade ago and has no effect on anyone since the company has been out of business for years. Why didn't you bring it up 10 years ago?
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    I noticed Ken P comments on the Oakland story. I guess we can type his name since he is not officially a Teamster

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    Ken P is a piece of trash. Long live the Teamsters. TDU Sucks!! Rome is innocent.
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    The IRB certainly doesn't think he's innocent.
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    Those are your words not mine
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    Maybe if you worried less about other locals and more about what is going on in your local you could of had someone nominated for president in the upcoming election in 952