What's the most common damage you see or oddest?

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  1. helenofcalifornia

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    When I was working damages one Christmas, about 100 Disney snow globes froze and when they thawed, they all broke. On a regular basis though,while driving, anything heavy shipped in that cheap Chinese cardboard is pretty much guaranteed to be delivered at least torn, ripped or scratched.
  2. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    Wow!! now this is my kind of topic... Let's see, light bulbs (about 25 of them) put into a box (they were not in the boxes we see them in when we buy them) they were all touching, needless to say it was damaged.. 6 pack of beer packed into a box with some newspaper as cushioning. (Packed at the UPS store, SHAME ON YOU!!) One time we had human fetuses shipped in a trunk. (true story) Drugstore.com can't pack for sh#t, staples can't pack for sh#t, viking can't pack for sh#t, fluorescent bulbs, no matter how well they are packed get damaged. 5 gallon buckets that are over packed into a box and treated like regular packages, huge mess when they leak, especially in a trailer. (the puddle seems to go on forever) 5 gallon buckets that are not over packed but someone still mishandles them (they always seem to crack right in the middle of that little circle under the bucket, lol.) The list goes on and on....
  3. wakyzachyUPS

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    Every night around 8:45 on the dont on PD5 bars of soap that came out of the box come down the belt. It smells nice. Oh yea and also we get lots of medical water bag ives. One kid picked it up put it back on the belt and it exploded on him. Funny. The oddest was when a package came down the belt on fire, yes on fire. It looked like the train that was on fire in the War of the Worlds. Cool. I started screaming fire and the sups thought I was crazy.
  4. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I saw a bad pull called in by hub one time resulting in a half dozen computers and other stuff falling out of the back of a trailer. Hub sup came out and started screaming at driver (wasn`t his fault,he pulled correct trl on computer) telling him to get that %^&*(% trailer back in the bay right now. So driver put rig in reverse and backed trailer into bay,right over everything that had fallen out.:laugh:

    Moral of the story: Always work as directed.
  5. Dutch Dawg

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    One can chuckle and snivel at an incident like this believing that one was pulled over on 'The Man' when read. I'm sure the damage experienced by the owners of those packages was no laughing matter. This shifter would appear to be as great a liability to the company as the unreasonable supervisor cited.
  6. Hangingon

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    One of our inbound trailers caught fire on road. They towed it in and had us sort and load all the packages that were not fire damaged. At the end of the night when every car and most of the other packages that weren't on that trailer smelled like smoke they had us go back into the load and try to remove all the packages that were smoke damaged. You wouldn't believe the number of packages (especially in the malls) we had to go back and pick up the next several days because of complaints about the overpowering smell.
  7. breadbooze

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    cases of paper breaking open, spilling reams out. a box of crickets crushed by an over 70. An over 70 falling corner first into a box of omaha steaks. cases of sterile water used by vets that leak. 60 lbs bags of cement that break on the floor by the rear door while raining, that was fun.
  8. EAM_Master

    EAM_Master Part-Time'er for Life!

    Avon cosmetics ........'nuff said

    You know the ones...They look like half-sized computer paper boxes that have one lousy plastic strap. They always seem to break open.
  9. Channahon

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    Hope, Arkansas is the watermelon capital of the world. Well, at least Bill Clinton would have you believe it. Shortly after the over 70's were introduced to the UPS system, an award winning 105 watermelon was being shipped to another location in the south. Needless to say, the watermelon wound up in the DMP area of the hub, smashed to smithereens. And talk about flies?
  10. EAM_Master

    EAM_Master Part-Time'er for Life!

    We had a bucket of highly concentrated caramel flavoring fall off an incomp train once. The whole center smelled like caramel for over a month.

    One time a really beat up looking oversize box was coming down the belt. The revenue auditor pulled it off the audit it. It broke open and was a mounted bear head. The girl let out an ear-splitting yell that could be heard outside the building.
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  11. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Well-Known Member

    Not as common but we have a tannery here that tans hides that are shipped in from all over. Most are not frozen- we are in Florida....PHEW!!!
  12. upsdude

    upsdude Well-Known Member

    Same here, they remind me of the old Fingerhut boxes.
  13. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    A while back I delivered an over 70 lb to a house.
    I recognized the familiar clinking of beer bottles inside.
    It was to a contest winner from Labatt.The box was
    pretty ratty on all the corners but to my surprise,the cust
    said it was in perfect condition.Turns out it was a Labatts
    blue beer fridge,fully stocked with beer.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily one or two particular brands but a particular bulk stop. The college I deliver to sometimes is a bulk stop. It has three docks to deliver to. Central recieving, the bookstore, and sometimes the cafeteria. All of it is loaded in the back of the truck and all the book store packages, mainly books and supplies, crush the packages going to the other docks. This happens no matter how the preloader trys to load them.

    Ditto on the Avon packages

    Any packages going to an appliance stores. Those are usually not packaged well and are hollow inside.
  15. The Brown Santa

    The Brown Santa Ping Pong Ball

    While on the sort aisle in '96 I got covered in that blue chemical they put in Port O' Johns, that was awesome. :thumbup1:
  16. txmomof2b2g

    txmomof2b2g New Member

    I was pulled on Monday to rewrap on unload. This trailer had alot of walmart signs and probably 15 boxes opened up was a huge mess. (I was wanting to go back to my sort aisle.) That trailer was a big mess alot of opened up boxes and the end result was tons of magazines and other papers that were loose on the floor of the trailer I don't know who had to clean that up but glad it wasn't me.
  17. pdx1tjl

    pdx1tjl New Member

    We had a box crack open for obvious reasons since it was a rotted out... decayed... Maggot infested Cow head.

    The buckets of cow sperm were always interesting.
  18. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    Care to elaborate on the "always interesting" cow sperm.... lol..
  19. EAM_Master

    EAM_Master Part-Time'er for Life!

    I'm willing to bet that it's not sperm you are seeing. I've seen shipments of bull semen and they are VERY well packed in small vials. If it's from an award winning bull that stuff can sell for over $100K per oz!!!
  20. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    How about long boxes that contain poles or any other hard material. The ends of these packages are always, I mean 100% of the time, open. 149 lb entertainment centers going to apartments at NI3 only to see it on your car the next day "please make 4th attempt customer will be home" when the thing as been banged around, loaded, split to another route and has boot prints all over it. Then you get a call tag 3 days later. I mean, at least 50% of the time we deliver a piece of furniture I get a call tag for the same heavy piece of crap a few days later. My advice to customers buying funritue for there house :GO TO A FREAKING FURNITURE STORE and buy it so you can schedule a delivery time and have it delivered by guys who have 6 stops in one day and not 150 it will arrive in better condition.