What's with my assigned time?

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    I finally got my own route at the end of last year so no more cover driving. The first two weeks I ran it I bonused .5 to 1.0 every day. Ever since then I have been like 0.5 to 1.0 OVER my assigned time. Which makes no sense to me as I have learned when to break trace to go faster, I have gotten to know the customers at certain docks so they come help me unload, and I've learned where certain alleys are to take short cuts, etc.

    Anyway last week a cover driver ran my route. He only managed to do 72 stops with other guys coming to help him take the rest of my stops. He only did 5 of my 30 pickups. He only delivered 210 pieces. He had a sporh of 9 FFS. Yet he got an 8.5 hour assigned day. The next day I delivered my regular route plus all his misses and did all my pickups.

    I did 122 stops, sporh of 16, delivered 380 pieces, did all my pickups, and yet I only get an 8.5 hour assigned day!

    I mostly have just stopped looking at my assigned time because it never makes any sense. How can I do almost twice the work of the cover guy and get the same assigned time? Makes me feel like just working really safe and they can pay me overtime instead...
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    Answered your own question! Good job!
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    As my thingy says by my username

    Great job!
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    Difference in miles,signatures,etc.? Way more to it than just stops and pieces.