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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 1timepu, May 18, 2005.

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    Instead of our Union negotiating for a raise or fighting not paying for medical, fight instead to reduce work hour's, by 3 methods they should present to UPS. 1 double over time period or 2 all overtime goes to the pension so if ya work 48hrs ya get 48 hrs for the pension, or 3 dispastch the routes for 8.5
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    Won't happen for the simple reason that the union would get nothing out of it. Remember dues are based on hourly rate. If we get no raise, neither does the union. The union is only concerned with the union. We are in big trouble in 2008.
  3. gman

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    But cutting hours means more drivers and that means more members and that means more dues and that means more money!

    But it won't happen. And you probably won't get anything near the raises we got last time.
  4. vet

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    That's correct; as long as fRed ex is non union & dewey,huey & luey make alot less (I/C employees) than us, than how can we justify a substancial raise? DHL I/C drivers could be 'organized' & still make half what we do in TOTAL compensation.

    Rumor has it & I've heard it & repeated it on here--- 10 hour curfew is a few months away. But that doesn't help much if a driver is dispatched with 9.3 hours everyday.
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    Well dhl has apparently had a change in heart about sinking serious money into this country to compete with us which is doom talk for the poor sobs that are trying to make it as dhl breadwinners.

    These contractor lawsuits could bring us a lot of relief prior to 2008 as well if they are successful.
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    I'd like to see a rotating schedule of 4-on 3-off
    right now our center is hanging on to 9.5 limits
    with the occassional 10+ But with the growth of our area, they are going to require additional routes

    I start training next week, half days... so they are on the way to addition routes, even if they are just half day routes, gee just think a few half day routes to cut overtime, and they save some $$.. and have fresher drivers that can work more efficiently.
  7. trickpony1

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    Don't even go there.
    The wheel doesn't need to be reinvented.
    The more people talk about PT pkg drivers and "half day routes" the more some whiz in atlanta that doesn't have anything else to do will try to make it work....thereby eliminating full-time pkg drivers.
    I can't speak for you but this job is how I support my family. I/we need the 8 hours and the overtime.
    Do a little less talking and alot more listening and when you do talk pay attention to who is in listening distance.
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    Well, the comment/suggestion
    was for all those drivers that piss and moan about
    working excessive hours and breaking their backs,
    and wearing out their bodies...

    Me well I'll let you know in several months how I like full time ;) I'm no stranger to hard work, and
    I too will enjoy the benefit of 8+ hours a day.

    Forgot my password on another computer.. ehe
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    Trickpony1 I am a driver in NJ, you should not include Overtime for dependable pay...only straight time...Overtime will not be there a few years from now..you cant see it comming?? $28hr we will be making, I dont see us getting any Overtime when we make $28hr
  10. pretender

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    If it is done right, I really don't see a problem with part time drivers. We have straight trucks that sit in the building all day, because they "cost too much to put on the road". Given the current pension situation, there are a lot of old timers who may just opt to finish their careers as part time drivers--since 30 and out is now just a distant memory...
  11. speeddemon

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    I believe I have stated in the past, this was to be a reality in UPS's future. I still think it will come to fruition the next several years.
  12. ms.

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    Did anyone notice this press release?

    Ground packages (ARS, RS) left at letter boxes. What happened to air drivers not touching ground? Are letter boxes serviced by regular routes now? Seems to me they are phasing out air drivers- at least in our bldg.

    We don't have enough trucks for part time routes. They would shove 6/7/8 hrs. of work into a truck and call it 4 hrs. Meanwhile, driver #2 would be waiting at the bldg for his truck to get back.

    Go ahead and count your overtime. The new overtime exemptions do not apply to "Blue collar workers"

    Blue-Collar Workers

    The exemptions provided by FLSA Section 13(a)(1) do not apply to manual laborers or other blue-collar workers who perform work involving repetitive operations with their hands, physical skill and energy. Such nonexempt blue-collar employees gain the skills and knowledge required for performance of their routine manual and physical work through apprenticeships and on-the-job training.

    FLSA-covered, non-management employees in production, maintenance, construction and similar occupations such as carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, iron workers, craftsmen, operating engineers, longshoremen, construction workers and laborers are entitled to minimum wage and overtime premium pay under the FLSA, and are not exempt under Section 13(a)(1) of the FLSA nor the regulations at 29 CFR Part 541, no matter how highly paid they might be.

    Read the last sentence twice!![​IMG]
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    In our center all drop boxes are taken care of on route by ground drivers. I know in this district that is the norm.
  14. crzylegs

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    Ive been P/T for over 10 years now. Ive always had ARS placed in my drop boxes or left outside my box. ARS can be given to any driver it states that on the label.
    We can pick up ground on exception basis, like after driver already went by and theres at least one air pkg. Sometimes supervisors like to abuse that and make it as an everday pickup for an air driver..Thats when the filing procedure starts on my part at least..
  15. teddyr

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    Dont take OT away! That is the icing on the cake for alot of us. The only reason the union bargains for raises is because when they send out the pre-contract survey that is the number one response from all members, more money!! There will never be a 4 10s because they would have to hire more drivers with that fat benefit pkg. Part timers was what the strike was all about in 97 anyways.
  16. speeddemon

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    We havent used air drivers for several years now. They load it on the regular drivers. To which this makes us have to break trace to make commit times. Then we have to start all over again. And they wonder why our miles have gone up. Idiots.
  17. klatuu

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    I can't speak for other parts of the country. But here in Cleveland,Ohio. DHL employees are Teamsters. They are covered under the NMFA (National Master Freight Agreement) and their top rate is that of Yellow, Roadway, ect. Around here DHL belongs to Local 407 and DHL drivers make union wage and benefits.
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    speed:the commit times refer to anytime after, for example 6:30. doesn't mean you have to be there at 6:30 or 6:31. just means you have to be there after 6:30. why break trace? save the box for last and pick-up on the way back in.
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    doubt if there is a commit time for an ARS parcel that a customer has just dropped off at a letter box. My question is how do they get some of those large ARS pkgs in those letter boxes?
  20. speeddemon

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    I was refering to NDA deliveries. Sorry for the mixup.