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    just wondering,
    why would Randolph pitch to Matsui with 1st base open and a strugglin Bernie Williams on deck yesterday ??
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    Since I put a note on the box stating "please do not place toner cartrigdes in the letter box" the started appearing next to the box, somedays it looks like a pick up at the UPS Store. Now I take my cart in. I use to pick up a letter box at a truck stop, it was amazing how many people put thier postcards in the letter box, blue/brown whats the difference!

    But, back to the main topic, I look for the Union to push for raises, and then deducting our health benefits from our checks, because if we don't get more, they don't get more. When I explained this to my shop steward he said "gee I hadn't thought of that!"

    Personally I feel 28+ an hour is more than adequate. I don't care for overtime 8hrs is enough for me.
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    "Personally I feel 28+ an hour is more than adequate. I don't care for overtime 8hrs is enough for me."

    Ditto that.
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    More money then take out the benefits?

    At first that sounded like a decent idea. It would shut a lot of people up who say we are over paid. But once they start taking it out of your pay, how much is too much? Not saying it's good or bad, but it opens the door for more. Co-pay on doctors? Prescriptions? Pension? Uniforms? Supplies? Fuel?

    There is no doubt we are well compensated, but once you open the door, who knows whats going to come through it.

    Just a thought. They started giving the preloaders more cars to load. They liked it so much they eliminated 20% of the work force. With the stroke of a key on a computer, they eliminated six seconds allowance per package. When I started, the weight limit was 50 pounds and the size limit was 108 inches. When they changed it to 150, they didn't even bother to tell the drivers. Huge pakages just started to show up at pick up points.

    Of course,in 1971 you could send a package to California for 72 cents too! And part timers had to be college students to work here and if you dropped out of school, they fired you. Ahhh for the good old days. Pizza and beer parties once a month. Paper records. CASH CODs. No on call airs. Fur Calls! What the young guys missed. [​IMG]