when do p/t package hands usually get paid ?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pkg handler, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. pkg handler

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    I started training last tues. and it has been a full week . I was told we'd be compensated and paid for the training part also . I was just wondering when and how we got paid they didnt go into details about it much but i started on oct 23, and wasnt sure when or how we'd be paid ..( check , direct deposit , some sort of debit card they have told me about ) ? thanks any vets with knowledge on this issue would be nice
  2. Big Babooba

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    Haven't you heard? We all work for free!!! Actually the company holds back a week so you should get paid this Thursday or Friday.
  3. pkg handler

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    lol... how true in some ways ..I have never worked a job with a weekly "check" it was always an under the table one i had ... so am i compensated for the training itself or the training (tues -fri) or the whole line of work - last tues til whenever im paid ..and how am i paid by just paper check or do they call me in the office ...i know this seems silly to most or maybe all of you but i never had a job that got paid weekly like thius
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    You get paid weekly on Thursday (usually), though the check is dated for Friday, so you can only deposit it Friday (unless you have direct deposit, in which case it automatically deposits into your bank account at midnight on Friday). Usually your supervisor will hand out the check or paystub before work.
  5. pkg handler

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    well i had training as said last tues-fri ..and was on the floor substantially for that time and watching some videos and all that. and i have worked this week so far... so would i get a check this week at all ?
  6. hondo

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    You'll get your check for this week at the end of next week. You'll get a check for next week's work at the end of the week after next. There's a delay because you get paid for hours on the clock, not a set amount each week. It's important to remember when you leave UPS, you need to make sure you get your last check from them.
  7. Brown_Noser

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    Yes. Like the other posters said you get paid for the previous week's work.

    You should get a check/statement this Thursday from your Supervisor (for your orientation & work on the floor) which can be cashed/deposited on Fri. It should be about $100 - $150 dollars.

    It will only be Direct Deposit (you get a statement, not a check) if you signed up for it. If you didn’t sign-up yet but still want Direct Deposit, you can do so online after you get your employee ID.
  8. pkg handler

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    i remember signing up for the debit card when filling out all the papers ....i guess when paid it was a card that would the money on my check be turned over into that card and it was reusable and all but havent gotten it yet ?
  9. LKLND3380

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    The way I understood it... If you use the card to make purchases, you are charged fees/interest... It seemed like it was best to withdraw all the money ASAP and spend cash as you needed... The best part is the fees you pay go right back to UPS...