When do you stop complete?

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    Now we all know that we work in different areas, and that each of our UPS's varies according to certain rules. I want to know what the rule of thumb is for hitting stop complete. Do you hit stop complete while still inside the business/at the front door of a resi? Do you wait till you get back to the pkg car? Do you wait till back inside the pkg car or wait till right before you're about to pull away?

    For this matter, let me also ask about when we scan pkgs. Is it done in the pkg car or at the delivery point?

    I usually scan the pkgs as I put them on the handcart and have the board ready for signature by the time I reach the customer. I scan single pkgs as I'm walking to the delivery point. This includes resi's, as I want the GPS in the board to show that I carried the board all the way to the door.
    I used to leave the board in the pkg car for all my driver releases, but don't do this anymore.
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    I scan at least one pkg in the cab immediately after selection. I may be wrong, but my thinking is that the clock starts upon first scan and marks my time at the stop. I stop complete just before placing diad in holder and getting in the drivers seat. If I had the two wheeler or I picked up an ARS pkg to put in the back of the car, I keep the clock running until I am ready to pull away from the stop.

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    If I need both my hands I will scan/stop complete at the truck and leave the diad. If I can carry and walk then I usually do it somewhere around DR spot. If I am carrying a latte then that changes everything...
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    Depends on the package but if I can carry the package in one hand at a house call I scan and stop complete on the way to the DR location. IF I have to use 2 hands than its usually done at the car.

    At a business I stop complete after I enter the persons name
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Weather will play a part in whether I sheet as I approach the stop or in the PC. If it is a resi and I can safely scan and walk at the same time I will, completing stop on the way back to PC. If it is a business that is not a bulk stop I will normally scan and have the DIAD ready as I walk through the door. If it is a bulk stop I will start scanning as they open the door. If it is WalMart I will usually have the lip of their dock stacked with pkgs before they open the door.

    All bets are off if it is snowing or raining.
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    I found out that my old center had time studies done last year. It was done using the Diad's GPS capabilities. The drivers were told to make sure they stop completed at the delivery point; dock, mailroom, front desk, porch, etc.. I guess this established the walk distances.

    The good news is the center average gained a half hour. So instead of being 3/10's over now they are 2/10's under. Stops per car have not changed so nobody benefited except the morning report looks better.

    I suggest that you start to stop complete at the delivery point so when a time study is done you will be ready.
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    I scan em as I select them. Stop complete when Im back in the cab ready to take off again. For the most part Im usually no more than a 1/2 hour over and we have guys that are consistently 1 and 2 hours over so until they get them straight they are just glad you make 9.5.
  8. Raw

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    It varies.
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    Theres one answer for your question Just do every stop . SCAN all pkgs. EVERY route is diffrent. one pkg (dr stop) just do it when walking to stop multi pkgs put on hand cart and do it the best way you can. NOTHING has changed except in your mind. well i say dont dont commit cardnal sins try not to wreck the truck. if you go over 9 5 so be it its managments problem not yours. when i started I thought 9 5 meant 930 pm I Thought iwas doing good:surprised: IF YOU get a warning letter termination letter a talk to. file on every one.
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    At a resi I scan in car if both hands are needed to carry. If not, I scan walking to the house (carry diad for protection from wild animals or wild customers) and stop complete when customer answers door on the way back to the car . If noone answers by the time I get back to the car it's always DR front door or DR porch.
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    What is the proper method?

    For multi-pkg stops, I scan one to start the clock, scan the rest at the delivery point, and stop complete on the way back to truck.

    Single pkg resi deliveries vary depending on the pkg and walking conditions. Bulky packages I scan in the cab then carry safely. For long walkoffs, I don't stop complete until I'm close to the truck again.

    sidenote: for those of you who leave the board in the truck, take it with you. Those diad belt clips are quite possibly the best piece of equipment UPS has come up with.
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    I am really glad someone asked this question Steve. I was wondering with all the talk about time studies done by GPS what we should be doing.

    I always scan on the walk to the resi and stop complete as soon as I leave the pkg. I wondered if this would hurt my time if they ever did a GPS time study.

    I think from now on I am going to try to scan at least 1 pkg as soon as I selact them in the pkg car and then wait to stop complete until I return to the vehicle.

    This should add to your walking allowance I would think. If you scan and stop complete right after each other they will probably think the houses are 2 steps from the road.
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    According to official UPS methods, you should not scan packages while in the truck. If can safely be done (ie- 1 small box), sheet pkg up on the way to the customer. If not, scanning should be done at delivery point (obtaining signature first when possible). Stop complete should be done as soon as you take your first steps heading back to your truck.
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    Roger that! And, I bet they will not work with Diad 5.
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    I prerecord all my stops and DR them after my 2 hour nap. On Fridays I throw all my resis in a van I live in down by the river and sell them on EBAY. :laughing:
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    Do you also eat 5 lb. blocks of government cheese in that van down by the river?
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    That government cheese came in mighty handy when I was growing up.:happy2: Funny how, looking back, I never even thought about being a UPS guy back then.
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    I hit stop complete in July of 95 and haven`t looked back since.
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    We had a time study about 2 yrs. ago. Was told select pkg, scan after you are out of truck. Release pkg. Stop complete just before reentering truck. On bulk stops, scan 1st package on dock, unload rest of them. Scan remainder, get sig, stop complete just before reentering truck.
  20. DorkHead

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    Was told this gives accurate time at stop and between stops