When will the "Peak Season" arrive?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by vandura, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. vandura

    vandura New Member

    I am currently "paying my dues" according to one driver's words.
    Was hired as seasonal feeder driver in South Eastern Div. And, so I am
    aware and willing to be "on the bottom" of the call list. Yet still, I must wonder...when will the PEAK season arrive? At our terminal it is SLOOWW and thus I've worked 1 day in the past 14 days. I was told that about 5 other drivers are also sitting home.

    I was certainly hoping to continue to drive for UPS following the "peak season," but now it looks like they will not need me--nor the current new drivers they already have.

    Are there other seasonal drivers out there experiencing the same at your location? Please let me hear from you! What is going on? Yes, Ive talked to some others around and to my TM. In his words, "It's scarily slow." Most packages that we have recieved at home have been sent US Post Office. With my research and limited understanding of the economy, the 2007 retail forecast looks pitiful.

    Enough for now. Enough to see how many honest folk are reading this.
    Any help would be appreciated. What to do?
  2. monkeynuts

    monkeynuts New Member

    Kinda hard to pay your dues and pay your bills when you are not working. Same thing here at my building. Bottom 10 guys not getting regular work. I hired on in May. First three months averaged working two days a week. Last two weeks I worked two days. I left a good job for a promise. They keep saying "Hang in there". That does not pay the bills either. Sups told us after the peak season you will be glad to have a few days off. Still waiting.....Looks like most of us bottom feeders will be looking for another job.
    I hate to hear anyone say " You have to pay your dues". I have paid mine just not here so I don't want to hear it.
    I have worked at some screwed up places but this center has to be the poster child for sups and managers with Head up the ass syndrome.
    Hang in there............... NOT. :surrender
  3. vandura

    vandura New Member

    Thanks for the reply! Its quite lonely at the bottom.
    Thing is...the pitiful peak season turns out to be a hush-hush issue.
    Few have the guts to talk about it. "Sales growth at US retail stores open at least a year declined from a 3.5 % gain in 2005 and was the lowest since a 2% gain in 2002 (Boston Globe)" So drivers strut around pretending they are not walking on eggshells.

    I have always lived by the principle that it takes real strength to be REAL.

    P.S. Who would you drive for (OTR is not an option) if you didn't drive for UPS?
  4. truckrgrl

    truckrgrl My Driver's Grunt

    Hell, my center told me they really didn't need any seasonal feeders, so I got stuck on the driver helper side of things... (and this is why I pay so much for my CDL?)

    Even on the helper side though, my center has been *painfully* slow. I'm lucky to get called in three days a week for an hour or two - it takes me almost as long to get to the meet point with the driver as I work. :ohmy:

    Vandura, where in the world are you located? I've driven OTR for a while, but depending on where you are, regional or local work is probably available.
  5. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    if there's not enough work for you in feeder then you should be send back to pkg operation for the time being.
  6. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    no chance for seasonal feeders to go full time in the feeder department. you have to drive in pkg for 1 year b4 coming to feeders. over here in cali we are actually pretty busy, we just hired another casual yesterday.
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  7. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    I see plenty of contract drivers at my center in Florida as well. But, I will admit...this peak isn't nearly as bad as usual.

    Maybe they finally got PAS/EDD down and we don't notice the increased volume?:lol:
  8. monkeynuts

    monkeynuts New Member

    Tried this but sups said this could not happen until the first of the year. Alot of us hired off the street and still trying to learn all the many many angles and tricks being used on us. Also try to work the sort but that is not always possible when so many higher seniors are already doing it. Asked to come in and cover the car wash while that guy was off. No dice. Every one just drove a dirty truck unless you washed it your self. Long story short they hired too many and now we are stuck with no work. UPS is not worried or even trying to help us. Contract carriers are running around us full steam. This is not the time of the year to be looking for a job.
  9. vandura

    vandura New Member


    Thanks for getting us back on track! It is always easier to divert the conversation than to face it head on. Again and again those drivers with the seniority strut are sure to run off any honest worker and...then the same ones will be left complaining that UPS can not keep good help.
  10. cpio

    cpio New Member

    Seasonal feeder? How did you pull that off!? I signed up for driver helper on the Wednesday before Black Friday and I haven't been called once, and I keep seeing temps riding with drivers!

    I hope you have the chance to become permanent. It would be a great opportunity for you to make good money and benefits. UPS is a great company that has the hardest working SOBs in the business, even though the people who manage it suck. Good luck and welcome.
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  11. cpio

    cpio New Member

    My hub hired one or two full-time package car drivers off the street pretty recently (probably within the last six months or so.) One of them started sometime in October as a splitter, and will be starting as a driver in January.
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  12. monkeynuts

    monkeynuts New Member

    That's all I could think of when I was hired, great pay and benefits. It was what we all thought was the big pay off. Feeder driver is the very best position a driver could hope to get in the area I live in. Getting in right off the street is unheard of, who would have thought. But it was just too good to be true. And to think they told us they were looking to hire 25 drivers when I got on. Some of that great management planning.
  13. wannabeups

    wannabeups Member

    It seems kind of slow here too
  14. AznDiablo

    AznDiablo Senior Member

    over here we're seeing rental feeder trucks
  15. speeddemon

    speeddemon Guest

    we have been running peak volume since the middle of November.
  16. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    you know you are just a temp feeder right? if you haven't had a job within the hub then you caN'T and won't be able to come to feeder department at all after the seasonal job is over.
  17. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    those are alot better than the internationals most of us drive. air ride and a cd player inside:sad:
  18. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    I might question that.
    It's my understanding the company is hiring off the street permanent feeder drivers in the Dallas/Mesquite area, because no one in pkg cars wants it due to night work as well as the volume is said to be overwhelming.
    Depending upon what area of the country "monkeynuts" is from, it might be permanent.
    Also, I think more loads may be coming off the train after the first of the year so there may be a need for more permanent feeder drivers.
    He may want to ask the BA/steward.
  19. vandura

    vandura New Member

    Dear Mr Miserable Vengeance,

    Who are you trying to kid?

    I've lived long enough that I know to simply avoid such anger filled people as yourself. I am a UPS driver NOW because I've ignored your kind of evil. Think about it: Throwing your slime all around is not helping your OWN FEAR about getting layed off, is it? (And, you thought nobody would know who you were!)

    My Christmas gift to you? 3 free sessions with a certified Pychologist.
  20. monkeynuts

    monkeynuts New Member

    That is incorrect. I hired on in May as a permanent full time driver. I would not have left the job I had for a temp position with a family to support. No sir I asked this question several times as did the others that hired on off the street. Full time feeder driver is what I took. Like I said some of the sups admit they hired too many and now we are left sitting. They have not even offered to go to other centers and help out like we did in the past. I bet the contract carriers are in there.