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    i am looking for some input. there is a full time package car driver bid up at my center. there is myself and one other guy with our names on it. approx. 3 months ago the other guy was sent to air-driving school. he was disqualified for 1 year on being able to take any driving position by our driver sup and center manager for "misconduct" in the classroom. i am hearing all sorts of things about who will win the bid. the other guy has more seniority than me but has not driven a package car let alone delivered a package. i went to air school in 2004, was the seasonal hire for peek 2006 and then have continued driving full routes off and on since then. (filed a greviance in april....drove 29 days before april 1st but did not rec. my 30th day in higher classification and after april 1st i have prob. drove an additional 15 days.

    so here is my question in a nut shell.... who will win the bid for the new position. myself since other guy was DQed or does his DQ have nothing to do with this job posting??!!!
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    Your only DQ'ed if you sign something from Mngt,driver with most senority will win the bid.Driver with "mis-conduct" issues in classroom can grieve his/her restriction issued by center manager (which I believe other driver will win because no article will support center manager's restrictions).

    This thread belongs in"UPS Discussions" you'll get more imput over there
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    if you view this thread would you please leave your thoughts!!
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    diesel,this IS ups discussions.
    But you are right,seniority takes precedence
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    Is there a bid up right now? We had one up too but it was taken down and "put on hold." along with all the 22.3 jobs that were up for bid here, and all over the country. Bids that were already finished were put on hold as well. If that guy is DQ then you should win the bid. Unless of course the job is put on hold like all others are right now.