Where's the Olympic sponsorship?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by pgraening, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. pgraening

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    I thought we were the official delivery company of the Olympics - did DHL come in with more sponsorship $$$? They had a few ads on, saying they're the "official delivery company of the US Olympics team."

    I'm disappointed.
  2. upsdude

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    There's a story on the Brown Cafe Home page.
  3. pgraening

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    Thanks upsdude.

    Numbers, numbers, numbers - honestly, this is one thing I think the company should have kept.

    Plus, when I first started here, the part-time jobs for the athletes made plenty of sense - an Olympic athlete-in-training would definitely be a superstar at our hub.
  4. moreluck

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    No, No, No on the Olympics. Too many countries that flaked out on the U.S.A. when we needed support. with the war in Iraq. Those rings used to mean something......they mean nothing to me now!! The I.O.C. is just politics and business.

    Viva La France, my a&& !!
  5. over9five

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    I thought we traded the Olympics for Nascar.
  6. my2cents

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    Trading the Olympics for NASCAR was a good business decision. The Olympics have been gradually losing prestige since the collapse of the eastern bloc and Soviet empire. Additionally, with professional athletes in the mix, prestige is further eroded, as these athletes compare which is more important, such as winning an NBA championship vs. a Gold medal. Furthermore, with the advent of cable channels carrying a seemingly endless variety of sporting events, the public is less likely to view the Olympics as a marquee event. On the other hand, I believe NASCAR has been gaining in popularity and if I'm not mistaken, its become more popular than the NHL in terms of TV ratings. In short and IMO, the Olympics don't carry the meaning it used to have. Personally, I have little interest in watching any of it, despite being an avid basketball and track fan.
  7. proups

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    NASCAR was a better choice for UPS advertising dollars. The ONLY sport that draws more people than NASCAR is the NFL.

    Besides, the Olympics only come on every two years, and my guess was we did that sponsorship when we did to establish that we are a global company.
  8. over9five

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    But does Nascar get us worldwide visibility like the Olympics? I dont know, maybe it does. (watching cars drive in a circle for 4 hours isnt entertaining to me)
  9. my2cents

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    I'm no marketing expert, but I'm sure the company determined they would get more bang for their buck by sponsoring NASCAR. The Olympics are only for two weeks once every two years and I'm sure few people will remember who the Olympic sponsors were. On the other hand, NASCAR merchandising is big business with corporate names splashed all over the product.

    In terms of worldwide visibilty, the company probably buys advertising in regional markets. To what extent, I wouldn't know, but I'm sure they would have things like billboard space at football (soccer) games and such. Again, IMO, and if their advertising budget were to allow it, the company would probably be better off sponsoring say an English Premier League football team or a Tour de France cycling team for example, than the Olympics.
  10. moreluck

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    over9five......I don't get the circle driving either, but recently took a trip to Mooresville N.C. which is nicknamed "Race City USA". Our resident friends took us down the road where the different race teams have their headquarters. I was thoroughly impressed with their buildings. I DO respect the real estate!! I never imagined that Nascar was such a big deal, but it is.
  11. pgraening

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    I guess I can understand that NASCAR sponsorship would give us better results here in the US. But these DHL commercials are so... stupid. A little funny, yet incredibly stupid.

    DHL, I think, needs to find a new ad agency.
  12. feederdude

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    During the last Olympics, the Olympic committee used either Fed-^$#%$#, or Airb*%$^% to deliver the tickets for the venues. I remember corporate was angry at the slap in our face by not only using competitors, but using a delivery company that wasn't even involved in sponsoring any part of the Olympics. I for one am glad we pulled out as an Olympic sponsor. I believe it was comparable to the money spent for Nascar...and only getting two weeks of coverage.
    I realize we need to have the international field behind us, but don't we sponsor racing in Europe already? I remember seeing a Porsche with our paint scheme in several oversseas races.
  13. wkmac

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  14. pre_loader

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    Given how bad the DHL ads are, let's turn back to football. I, for one, am anxiously awaiting a UPS Stadium, but fear it may not come about until after Tampex, Preperation H and Trojan all sponser stadiums first...
  15. ups_gregg

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    <font color="0000ff">The Tennessee Titans need a stadium sponsor. It used to be Adelphia Colliseum but they folded or something. After they removed "Adelphia" they were left with only the word "Colliseum" so people just call it that. UPS Colliseum sounds good to me. It would really strike a blow to Fed Ex having a UPS Stadium located in the very state where Fed Ex started and is head-quartered. And speaking of sponsorships...I still think UPS needs to show up on soccer jerseys over in Europe. </font>
  16. moreluck

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    pre loader......

    I think one of those venues is already planned

    Preparation H Anal Arena...opening summer of '06

    Soon to be followed by the Trojan Forum.

    For baseball fans it'll be the Depend's Diamond Stadium.

    Viagara Advantage Arena is still in the planning stages.
  17. tieguy

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    hmmm future headlines ...

    Titans get stiffed at Viagra.

    Trojans leak out a loss.

    No lube for Titans in upset.
  18. 8up

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    you folks are too funny, can't wait to see ya on your premiere on The Comedy Channel, keep the laughs coming.
    getting out of the IOC sponsorship was most likely the best decision, too expensive, too little return. NASCAR is a good deal, yes international soccer sponsorship should be looked into, it's ravenously popular overseas, ever seen the crowds at those games?
    but remember the company uses several forms of media to get our message across, print, radio, tv, and billboards at sporting events, not to mention all those brown vehicles that hit the bricks all around the world. when you consider the time zones, international date line, saturday delivery, feeder runs and jet transport, the UPS shield must be out there moving every minute of every day.
    oops, better get mine moving.....
  19. rushfan

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    Why should we sponsor athletes to "get it on" in the dorms. I'm sure you've heard about the condom shortage at the last summer games