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    today was the third day that I loaded the same 145lb irreg in the same truck. I ask the sup what the deal is and he said the driver keeps refusing to deliver it. So I wrote a note on it telling him to take off his diaper and put on some real drawers and stop whinning. I mean, Ive loaded it three times and he refuses to even touch it. Whats the deal? I asked if it was something personal and they say he just refuses. I mean I am for the union and all, but I think some people out there just use it for an excuse to whine and complain.
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    If it's a send-again, why doesn't it just stay on the truck (NOT get unloaded)?
  3. ORLY!?!

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    I'll admit that most of the drivers are babies or have other problems, mentally.

    It could range from a number of reasons. Like that place was closed, or had a huge dog outside. Or it could be a place of buisness that makes them wait 30 minutes to get to the person labeled on the package. Or even a silly reason, the package is too heavy for them. Or the place closes early, way too early for the marked date on the package.

    I've heard some silly reasons, I've heard some practical. I resended and loaded an amount in a car once that was around 20 at first, then kept growing. It was about 35 packages before it got to that location, all because they werent open yet.
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    Not cool.

    Did you look at the service cross? Your sup more than likely would not know why it wasn't delivered.

    There are several reasons why it wasn't delivered.
    It could be a COD and the signee did not have the money.
    Perhaps the signee was not in.

    Our job as preloaders is to push cardboard. It doesn't matter if you load something once or three times. It's what we do and there may or may not be a good reason. Leaving your driver a nasty note when you don't have all the facts is unacceptable.
  5. I wouldnt have left a note, I would have told him straight to his face
  6. ORLY!?!

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    Good point, cod is also in play here, some with outstanding charges. I as well have loaded the same items three or more times.

    Yea, your driver might be a jackass at times, but understand what its like out there. Where no one wants to let you in onto the road or having a billion stops and no time even to use the bathroom. Drivers might have it good, but listen to them sometimes, they have it just as bad or even worse.
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    It weighs 145 lbs.

    Did you ever think that it might be going up 4 flights of stairs?

    The REASON he doesn't deliver it is because we are ALL guaranteed help with over 70 packages. (Preloaders, drivers, everybody)

    The REASON it doesn't get delivered is because his sup won't do his job, and get that driver help to make the delivery.

    Now you be a good boy, and do your job. Stop whining about it.
  8. Baba gounj

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    In Watertown Mass. ; every car gets completely unloaded every night, nothing is left on the car it all goes into several retain feeders.
    Which can create a small problem if I customer thinks that they can come by at night to pick up ( many times a driver "forgets" to bring a package into the office for a same/day pickup & customers do not understand the shear volume that is placed into these retain feeders.)
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    This is a perfect example why over9five got "promoted" to moderator. He is exactly right.

    That sup's not doing their job, plain and simple.
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    BS right back at you...isn't weird that it is never the driver's fault, always management? What an [FONT=&quot]anomaly[/FONT]?
  11. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    The chances are it is the sups fault, though. The sooner you understand that the better off you'll be.

    IF I had a 145 pound irreg on my car, and I'm sending messages to the center for help not getting any responses for help with it as the contract states, you bet I'm not attempting to move it. Because then, in that very instance, if I were to deliver it, that sets a precedent and the sups will expect you to move ALL 145 pound pieces of bulk without help (contrary to the contract language)

    It's the priniciple probably so much as the inability to deliver it. UPS loves to step on the contract, and it's employees. This is most likely an attempt to not be stepped on.
  12. Big Babooba

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    If you have an over 70 lb package, you are supposed to get help. That language is in the contract. I know somebody who was injured lifting a 140 lb package without assistance. His center manager read him the riot act because he didn't get help. A lot of over 70 packages can be delivered with no extreme effort if you think smart and use your equipment properly.Some packages require help.

    I've had a center manager tell me no help was available. He had me sheet it as missed and bring it back. He told me he would rather have a missed package than injured driver. Turned out later in the day, help was available and I went back as my last stop.

    One thing that I could never figure out. I've seen drivers carry 3 - 30 lb packages into a building at once without a hand cart, but squawk about lifting a single 71 lb box. Go figure!
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    Good job! Without actually knowing any of the facts, you were immediately able to realize it was all managements fault. Of course, after reading a number of your posts, it seems like thats the way it is,in your view, with everything on this board. It really is sad.
  14. CurlUpAndDIAD

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    If I was expecting a 145lb package, I'd pick it up myself.
  15. PassYouBy

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    Well, not everybody has worked a UPS either! But, I have to agree with you...Unless of course its a business.
  16. MuppetUK

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    There's probably a hundred different reasons why the driver won't deliver it but I'm sure it must be a reasonable excuse or his manager would be roasting him by now for continually bringing it back. All I can say is from my experience, no job at UPS is easy and finding an offensive message attatched to his load is just going to get him mad before his day even starts.
    If you really want to know why he isn't delivering this parcel, why not try asking him because the only thing you're going to do otherwise is make enemies for your self and if he reports it, get yourself in a whole heap of trouble.
  17. dillweed

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    Maybe it would help if you're able to joke with your driver a bit. "hey, we just can't seem to get away from that piece of crap, can we?" Say it with a smile, lighthearted and maybe he'll open up a bit. "yea, that sob is never home and be damed if I'm going to find a way to leave it out of sight"

    Drivers are people too and they have rough jobs. Many aren't morning talkers but may just open up and realize it's pain for you too. It might also be cool to ask how their loads have been. They'll probably tell you something that makes their job easier with little or no hassle to you.

    You may never see a Mr Rogers attitude out of them but you'll earn their respect and backing.
  18. BigBrownSanta

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    Funny how that works ain't it?
  19. helenofcalifornia

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    I just hate "whinny" drivers!!!
  20. User Name

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    I talked to a driver the other day and he told me how tired he was. I asked why. He said that he had 20 pkg of 100 lbs and had to go down 3 flights of stairs. I am able to handle my own but on this one I would have called in for help on this one. Best yet the pick up was a oca and the diad said 3 pkgs at 20 lbs. I think that the company that shipped this sould have been charged extra for this.