Who Is Going To Go Postal At Your Station?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. MrFedEx

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    I got this idea from another thread, but it begs the question. Who is going to lose it or has already lost it? No names, no intials, please, but it might be interesting to see "who" is going to blow. There are usually some tip-offs like strange behavior..sometimes not. I've already got my top candidate, but there are several runner-ups that also have me worried. #2 and #3 have been on my radar for years, but #1 has already lost it, and is ready to really go nuts very soon.

    Just keep applying all of that stress and pressure, and then add-in that magic ingredient (hours cuts)=recipe for disaster.


    We had one explode on his manager a few weeks ago and just walked off the line, got a few days off and came back all better. You can see the look of contempt he has for management now. Oddly enough, he was number 3 on my list. Luckily number 1 is a friend so he knows to give me the warning call the day he snaps...or he uses the "safe words".
  3. TUT

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    I'm starting to think that video you talk about was about you! lol
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    i know of a few that are either too numb to just care anymore & just do their jobs... because there's "nothing out there"

    2 of them were former owner operators/ single route owners & now works for another contractor because of the lawsuits of not becoming a sub-contractor anymore applied to them & they "can't talk about the settlement" to anyone...
  5. MrFedEx

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    Video was completely generic, which makes it all the more scary.
  6. CJinx

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    Yeah it was. I was multitasking while listening to it. I had to stop and double-take the part about last resort confrontations of a hostile in the workplace. Seriously? What the hell is going on that the lawyers were on board with that kind of advice being distributed nationwide?
  7. Mr. 7

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    My #1 choice doesn't own any guns.
    How do I know this?
    B'c he is always asking me about all the guns I own and the training I've had with them. :bag:
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    This thread is disturbing. Where do we place our bets?
  9. Mr. 7

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    My #1 had a minor melt down today.
    I only heard about it second hand. Bah ha ha


    DUN DUN Dunnnnnnnnn...... I know the feeling. I get asked about my "collection/arsenal" all the time, several of us compare notes, but this is Texas.
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    One particular employee at our STA comes to mind. 20+yrs of service and he has seen his route get cut in half over the last few months and given to a neighbor route FT new hire maybe making 13$/hr. He was "getting too many hours" and with this new 50hr max bs rule with us I see him losing it very soon. His wife passed 6 months ago also. Of course Freddy and the gang sent some flowers and he was allowed his 3 days.
    Disturbing but it is reality! Push people to a certain point and it is only a matter of time.
  12. Nolimitz

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    My #1 works right next to me. 20+ yr vet. Fuse is so short, most mornings I'm afraid to say good morning. Pops off to GM on reg basis.
  13. Ghostwriter

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    FYI The dangerous object is not a gun. Its the fuel filled combustion engine powered automobile.
  14. overflowed

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    Maybe that's why there getting rid of all the 700's. Sprinters can't do as much damage.
  15. Overmax

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    If in fact we cannot think of the #1, is this like Rounders?

    "If you can't pick out the sucker at the table within the first five minutes, then the sucker is you."
  16. SmithBarney

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    probably the guy next to me who is always packin heat...
  17. Nick9075

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    Maybe the guy is on some type of medication or he maybe have an undiagnosed mental disorder (Bipolar, Manic Depression?)