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    A while back, several on this site had very sharp critical posts about my many times choosing FEDEX to deliver the packages to my business. While there are cost savings on many of the shipments, there are other angles at play that really tip the scales.

    Take for instance, the driver leaving the packages in my employee's hand, then DR'ing the delivery. That single item cost me over $350 in extra fees charged by UPS back to the shipper, which I end up having to pay. After all, the companies I use dont have the time to demand accountability and correctness, the cost is just passed on.

    OR the fact that packages are left next to the gate, in plain sight of traffic, like the one below. IT was left on wednesday afternoon, Signed release at the front door. Because the employees leave the shop after dark, they did not see it. And I did not see it late Friday night after getting back from DC. I did not see it till Sat AM as I was headed out. IT rained thursday, friday and Saturday. The contents are/were very moisture sensitive. As you can see, not even a DR bag.

    So again, remind me, why should I pay more to have UPS deliver?

    package at front door 1.jpgpackage at front door 2.jpg
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    As I recall you are running the business out of your home--unless you have a separate office this would be considered to be a residential delivery. If there is indeed a separate office it would then be a commercial delivery, which cannot be DR'd.

    It is unfair of you to ask us to evaluate the quality of the DR without showing us a larger picture of your property or one with your preferred delivery location. I admit that DR Gate would not be my first choice---at the very least, if that was to be the DR location, I would have used a DR bag and hid it better behind the stone wall. I would think there has to be a more preferred delivery location. Was this your regular driver?
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    Dearest Dave

    The business is to the side of the home, about 100 yards away. IT has a large parking lot, lots of parking and turning room, a staff that is there each weekday to take care of customers, who also have the education and ability to sign their names to the diad. I know it is a shock to you Yankees, but we does no how to spel ur names......

    But for some reason, they rarely do.

    The stone "wall" is only a col that supports the gate. IT is less than 2 feet square. Traffic going both ways had no problem seeing the package during the daytime. And of course, since we were open for business, the employees had no reason to be on the lookout for a package at the end of the drive.

    And yes, there is a prefered delivery area, its called next to the cash register at the desk. The route is on one driver one day, another the next. Both drivers have 10+ years. But I would not see that as an excuse for leaving it where it was left.

  4. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Thank you. Now I can offer an informed opinion.

    Deliveries should be made to the customer counter and signed for either by yourself or one of your employees.

    Your driver should not be DRing your packages, especially out in the open and in the weather.

    I would think a quick call to the center manager would take care of this.

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    Funny you should be so wrong. I have called the center about the problem, including the extra charges I have to pay for "residential delivery". You would think that an ex employee would at least receive some sort of response. But for the occasional "we will look into it" nothing gets said or done.

    With the rest, I agree. But that does not change what is.

  6. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Loyalty to your former employer only goes so far. You have obviously given them more than enough chances to get it right. You have a business to run and a bottom line to watch--I would not blame you for using FedEx Ground.

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    Your address is a residential address. I would suspect it is in a residential neighborhood with the property having a out building that the business is run out of with the same address number as the house. This would be considered a residential address to UPS (ie a person running a business out of their house). With that being said the driver can DR packages at that address.

    If you would like to sign for all your package call the 1800 number and request that your address be a signature required address. You could also request to have a not put next to your address that package be delivered to a specific location (ie back door, garage, etc) But I suspect that will not make you happy either else you would have done one of them already.

    UPS or former UPS employees receive no preferential treatment than any other customer of UPS. I would have thought that a former UPS employee would have known that.
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    If the business shares the same address and the same entrance to the residence then it is considered a residential delivery. If it is in the same building but has its own entrance or is in an outbuilding it is considered a commercial stop.
  9. brownmonster

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    Sadly the driver that dumps the package at the gate and runs is the hero to UPS mgmnt. Use another shipper.
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    Do you have to open the gate to enter the property? Do customers of your business also have to get out and open the gate?
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    In my center, if your business address is the same as your residential address we are instructed to stop complete as a residential delivery. If the business is open to the public we are instructed to get a signature at time of delivery or use a signed delivery notice but still must enter as a residential stop.
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    Danny you have every right to decide for yourself who you choose to ship with or deliver your parcels. Too many of our runner/gunner types are soiling the hard - earned reputation many of us worked to earn. Sadly management allows this for the sake of numbers. On the flip side, where I am Fedex Ground is so horrendous that many people will pay the extra we charge for the better service. It's all a matter of choice. One of the unfortunate things you mention about not having a regular driver does not bode well for ups. Add/Cuts: Thats Logistics.
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    Call in a corporate complaint and watch them all squirm.
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  15. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    I have to agree. You are not making it a big enough deal. Their are several deleveries on all routes with special notes attached. I think that you need to try a different avenue.... Jmo
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    This is a good question.
  17. Cementups

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    Leave a sign temporarily at the gate where deliveries are being left to "Please bring deliveries inside to be signed for" and if that doesn't help, call in and raise hell on the corporate level.
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    agree with cement's comment

    also use the 2nd line of the address forms for more specific instructions...

    123 Suburban Lane
    "side business building for signature"
    City, State, zip

    but this is dependent on the local courier/ driver in your area; heck, you may get a lazy Fedex driver as well who can't read well to do the same!

    since Ground/ HD doesn't normally get paid by the hour like UPS, you may get worse service than that!

    If a Ground or HD guy had DR the same package & it was damaged from the rain, the contractor owning that area/ route will have to pay for it out of their own pockets!

    I personally would have tried to bring it in if i surveyed the property; or at least used a weather bag

    was the gate locked?
  19. dannyboy

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    Geez, where to begin with so many that cant read the posts before throwing opinions.

    As posted on post 3
    So how does a business that is 100 yards away from the home become part of the home? Come on guys, really?

    And what type of business man do you think would close a gate and make customers open it to enter the business? God, are you all so mind numbed that you dont have a clue what it takes to get a customer?

    Also, the area I am in is mixed, some residential, but mostly commercial. And since I sit on 20 acres........

    Bottom line, I own and opperate a business that is stand alone from my home. That way, I get to collect the rent. I also get to respond to any emergency at the shop rather quickly, and seeing that much of what I have for sale is quite perishable, that is a real plus. This business is not new, I have opperated it for the last 12 years.

    So any other questions you want answered to clear it in your minds that somehow this is the customers fault?

    Besides, even if the gate were closed, which it only is on saturdays, why would a UPS driver leave it in the open, in view, and very much exposed to the elements? And remember post 1?
    How is the gate the front door? The front door is 600+ feet away.

    As for Fedex in my area, I get rather good service. Express is 1/2 mile away, I get overnights by 9, and ground drivers are all ex upsers. Never once have they left the package at the gate, and put in front door.

  20. dannyboy

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    Hone Delivery

    Actually, I dont get fedex home delivery, I get ground, because I am a business. And as posted, both contractors are ex UPSers, so never have had a problem getting my packages delivered to the front of the business. ITs really fairly simple really, follow the paved area in front of you until you get to a parkinglot, that sits in front of a business building with 3 huge 100X60 greenhouses behind it. Exit the truck, enter the business. To the imediate left is a counter with a cash register and creditcard machine.

    If no one is behind the counter, most likely they are waiting on a customer. That is the person I depend on to make money.

    So if getting out of your truck is too big a deal, or driving up to the front of my business is too strenuous, then by all means let me know.

    Again, back to square one.