Who Would Have Thought? (Implied Sarcasm)

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    Local 533 union treasurer charged with stealing from 2,000 fellow members

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    News 4 -- Andrew Del Greco

    The former treasurer of Local 533 Teamster's Union is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from his fellow members.

    Local 533 represents about 30 industries. From UPS to Waste Management, there are about 2,000 local members who pay their dues. And now, one of their own, is charged with stealing about $125,000 of their money.

    On Tuesday, Mark Tracy made a brief appearance in U.S. District Court. Tracy is charged with embezzlement, filing false financial reports, and destructing financial records.
    The U.S. District Attorney's Office nor the Local 533 publicized this story, but I received a news tip, I obtained court documents which state that Tracy allegedly began taking union money from general funds in February 2006 through April 2009. I was the only reporter in court today. Next to me was the current Local 533 president, Frank Thurston. He told me Tracy left the state last year when Thurston and another member noticed inaccuracies within the union's financial records, and reported their suspicions to authorities.

    Thurston says it took almost a year to catch Tracy when he was arrested near Orlando, Florida last month.

    He is now indicted for embezzlement.

    We asked Thurston if there is now mistrust within his union?

    "Absolutely, and we're trying to rebuild that trust, myself and the current secretary treasurer," said Thurston. "I'll tell ya, it's a shame this had to happen because it's a black eye for the union and it shouldn't happen."

    So what about the $125,000? Thurston says he has secured that amount through a bonding company, so local members will see their money go back into the general fund. And then he says the bonding company plans to go after Tracy to recoup the money.

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    It happends in every local across the country.... This poor guy just got caught... Look at 705, all kinds of stealing going on there.....
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    Too much to read...........
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    Who would have thought? (Stop making it so easy!:happy2:)
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    Ahhhhh...bull@#!* . Yea it probably does happen more than just one place, but every local? nahhh.
    Poor guy? So, are you saying he should have gotten away with stealing from.......anyone?
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    "No one does Union Work Better than a Part Time Supervisor"

    Stealing going on in every UPS center across the country too.....
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    Good observation Oooohvoor.
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    Here you have a Teamster stealing $$$ and in another thread somewhere people were gung ho about having a separate United Way drive for Teamsters only......what teamster will hold that cash???????????

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    Brilliant post.... I wish I would of thought of it first...
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    isn't the thread "assuming" he did embezzle the money?
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    maybe he was just trying to pay for his daughters wedding
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    Corruption. Who would have ever thunk it?
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    Is BC your life as well? "Stop making it so easy". Do you want me to throw this back?
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    LOL. Feel free. BC is my entertainment at 4:00 am. Early riser.
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    Bbsam, you're not the only one. I'm also an early riser and there are limited entertainment choices at 3 or 4 in the morning. I usually wake somewhere between 3 and 4 and fire up the computer with a cup of coffee. Its either this or the infomercials.

    Also, I used to hold off on the coffee with the hopes that I would get back to sleep. I know now that it doesn't happen.

    I like waking early except it makes for a hell of a long day when I'm still delivering at 8 pm.
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    Don't even THINK of messin' with me.

    I have "People".....

    Here's one and he's Trained And Dangerous (TAD)

    If you're wondering: the SP means: bbSam Pulverisor......
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    AAAHHHHHH!!! Run away! FX is commander of the dreaded Sphincter Patrol! Be gentle. You had me at "messin' with me".