Whoa! Vandergriff #15 in Sonoma


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The UPS Top Fuel dragster of Bob Vandergriff finished in the #15 spot for Sundays eliminations. He will face # 2 Melanie Troxel in the first round.


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Well, Bob is denied yet another Wally. Overcoming, what seemed to overwhelming odds, the UPS Top Fuel dragster advanced to his tenth career final and ran his best ET of the weekend but just could not keep up with Powerade Champion Tony Schumacher.

Vandergriff was solidly in the 4.60 range, from his qualifying number of 4.68 to a 4.61. The trouble is, Tony and Alan Johnson had the US Army dragster running like a bracket car with consistent 4.50's. Bob HAD to cut a good light and run a good race but Tony came through again, even though Bob ran his best ET at 4.59.

He remains at number 6 in the Chase to the Championship, where they take the top 8 points leaders after the Pennsylvania race in mid-Aug. Two more races to go. Four have already been mathematically locked in.

This year could be a banner year for UPS in drag racing.


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Beating Shoe was a longshot when he's running mid 4.50's all day. Even after 1st round AJ said he was backing down the car from it's intial 4.54 and da#n if he didn't run a 4.53. That's backing down? :lol: The old adage of slow down to go faster!

Bob just ran his own deal all day long and he did very well IMO on a pretty tricky track that was really hot with some pretty good air. Air Temp. in the 70's and water grains in the upper 60's to low 70's which is pretty good air. Never saw a density reading and altitude adjusted factor but my guess based on temp and water grains it was pretty good.

I really expected Bob to get trailered in the semi's against Rod Fuller but Bob and Jim outdid Rod and Rob Flynn/Lee Beard brain trust. Bob and the UPS team entered last year at the last minute with no pre-season testing so 2006' really was more a long test session than anything else. I think these guys are really coming into their own and looks good to make the championship format at Indy but I don't think they have the stuff to go the distance. I do think however that 07' is the springboard to a real run in the 08' season. I'm also hopeful of a Wally by year's end and I think it's realistic to be so.

Also glad to see Doug Herbert showing some light but really felt bad for Cory Mac. C Ya for Brainerd in 2 weeks!


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The way I look at it as long as he keep's going round's he has as good of a chance to win this championship series as anybody with deep pocket's does. Plus all this exposure UPS is getting is more than DJ is getting from Nascar. I just got my new National Dragster and they did a nice story on Vandergriff on page 32..."Fast Jack" Beckman is on the cover.


you have to remember, john force and tony schumacher went 0 for 10 and 0 for 8 in final rounds before getting there first wallys. he will get his real soon. how the hell can you beat a guy who is running in the mid 50s on a track where everybody else is smokin there tires. by the way, john force is the king of drag racing, his records will never be broken!! 124 wins & 14 championchips and still counting! ford racing rules!!