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Who's voting "yes" and why?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by nicholas, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. nicholas

    nicholas Guest

    This is a great contract for UPS teamsters...

    1. The new contract provides the largest increase of wages and benefits in UPS history.

    2. The contract will create more than 10,000 new jobs for Teamster members by eliminating subcontractors now working for UPS and by re-classifying some current non-union jobs as union positions.

    3. Full time workers' wages increase by $5 an hour over six years.

    4. Part-timers wages increase by $6 an hour over six years.

    5. The new contract prohibits UPS from "double-breasting," a practice where a company hires new employees at lower wages than those paid workers already on the payroll.

    6. Pension benefits are increased for part-time workers.

    7. For the first time the new contract provides health insurance for part-time retirees.

    8. The new agreement was accepted unanimously by the union's bargaining committee, which is made up of local leaders from around the country.
  2. bigbrown

    bigbrown Guest

    If I were still union I would be voting yes, it's a fair and equitable contract. The raise is good and I am glad that the part time years will now be credited towards pensions.

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  3. proups

    proups Guest

    I'm voting yes. Best agreement I have seen in my 20+ years.
  4. brownshirt

    brownshirt Guest


    It's the biggest increase in pay and benefits in UPS history.

    Those of you that want to hold out for more would do that no matter what gains the new contract brought to us. I seriously know a couple of people that were talking about how they like being able to have one up on their sups by threatening to vote down the contract.