Why are all sorters _____s and why are they not supervised more

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    Sorters on my slide are fricken morons they move at a snails pace and when they find a bin that is full the start complaining and yelling at the preloader when 1 out of 25 bins is full. Why does management not care about this and why are sorteras not presured to move faster. Today I got slammed at the end of the day and this is mainly because sorters work at a snails pace untill they are needed to move faster because it is the end of the day. Why doesnt someone lay off the preloaders and get on the sorters and tell them to pic up the pace. And do their job and do it right. Labels up, or facing out, no missorts, and move at the same pace of the pre loaders. We have a guy who was moved from the preload to the sort line and in eight months he gained 50 lbs. Does this prove anything???????????
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    Anything else to complain about? Gas prices? Fence-Jumping Mexicans in Texas? Barry Bonds cheating to break the record? :bored:
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    Have you ever worked the charge like they have? I have on a few shifts including preload and it is not as easy as you think. There are usually only a few of them to move all those packages plus some of the packages need special attention. The bottom slide gets full and they have to work that mess too. They have to move the irregs that get dropped off on the wrong side. They have to remember which cages get the shuttle for the EAMs after they leave. They load up huge bulk stops on carts. They deal with business closures and they have to put up with preloaders who think they are morons!

    I do agree that they control the flow of work coming to you but they may be getting things late. Also jams could be affecting their work flow. As for missorts they happen; they have to be fast and sometimes they miss that little number that tells them that box goes to another line. If it got to you line it was already missorted up the line and just trickled down to you.

    Just remember they are part of your team and they work just as hard as you do even if you don't agree.
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    I have to agree with Aspenleaf. Also if there are heavy cages that is a fight too, full cage color say top red can kill the whole charge slide.
  5. I have no problem with the slide for the most part, or anything they can control really. I DO have a problem when management doubles the amount of sorters up there and BURIES the line. Then they whine about stacking and such. We normally have 3 or 4 up there, 6 or 7 is just plain stupidity and then they get :censored2: when we start yelling at them to either send help and allow us to dig out or move the extra bodies off the slide (basically we're yelling at them from break on). Yeah morale is high at our center lol.

    They basically practice "moving the mess" double up in the unload/sort isle, then move the extra bodies to the slides, and hope the preloaders can dig out and wrap....but never send help until the air is unloaded (at the VERY end)it never works, but they keep hoping for a different outcome every time...not surprisingly it never happens. People with heavy picks get buried beyond ridiculous (which is also very unsafe as far as moving around). The slide people end up just coming down to help us on their own accord because they know we're getting slammed. One of them even went ballistic on a supe for telling her to stay .
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    westsideworma ~ I do understand that also. They tell us to be as quick as possible at the start so that by the end of the sort we are not slammed. We get slammed everyday from add/cuts and shuttles and huge bulk stops.

    It is difficult to charge to full or half full cages. Sometimes the charges have no place to put the stuff and they get behind. We have never had 7 up there the most I have seen is 4. I just don't think they are all morons. They know the issues as well as we do.

    If they weren't worried about overtime it would benefit the line to have the preloaders start before the sunrise charge so that we can work on the cages before they start stuffing more into the cages.

    We are yelled at each day to not stack and each day I tell them I have to. I have a stop that has 60-100 pieces a day so I load what I can and stack the rest. I try not to stack the small stuff but things happen.

    What I don't like is when they stuff huge irregs for other cages in my cage; this blocks my packages and I can't touch them for that rev and by the time they come back around they are even fuller.
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    cant believe I even started to read this thread.
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    And I only read it because I saw you were the last to reply, giving it a sense of validity. Damn you..... :laugh:
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    "..giving it a sense of validity. Damn you..... "

    LOL, me too!
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    4 sorters is the norm in your area???? WOW we have 7 daily. You are right they are not all morons we a have a few good ones. They are just trying to get the job done just like the rest of us.
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    We usually have 3 - two on the top and 1 running the bottom slide. My line doesn't get the high volume other lines get. We could use another one and that would be a huge improvement.
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    WOW we usually have 6 or 7 on up top and 2 on the slide we ususally get about 16,000 a day.
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    I think we avg around 11000 a day; so that is why we have fewer than other lines. Are we talking about the same thing? I am talking about the boxline and the chargers who fill our cages.
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    Yes, we are talking about the same thing, Why? did something I said confuse you??
  15. Just curious but are you guys on PAS? we had 6-7 before PAS, now 4 (3 on lighter days) is the norm, well since PAS anyway.
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    No, you did not confuse me. I just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing.
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    Just checking, and yes Westside we are on PAS, the way I understand it instead of our guys giong it at 2 or 3 o clock they were going in at midnight to load
  18. sounds like a full time preload :w00t:
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    Yeah its weird a lot of our people get 6 hours or more because they still come in early, most of them start at 2:45 and work till 8:30 or better.
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    Its because sorters have usually the longest years of service within the shift. When I was part time the three or four sorters we had were the most senior on the shift...even more than the part time sups. When you get this much time in that seems to count as something, usually. Yes, sorting was never as hard as loading trailers, but I know I use to keep busy...even going 10 feet away and helping people inside the air cans get caught up while there was a lull inside the trailer I was unloading.