Dealing with a problem coworker

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by saskat, Apr 18, 2019.

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    I work preload and we have bins, not belt-to-car. My boxline has a HUGE problem with our top slide sorter. She’s an extremely obnoxious person to begin with, but she complains about how we circle the SPA when there are missorts for other lines. If we circle it more than once, she flips out. She calls the supervisor over and b!tches about how terrible we all are and that we’re defacing customer packages.

    She will sort packages into the wrong bins and say that the slide is red lit and she needs to use the other bins to clear space, and also says she’ll put them in the right bins when she catches up (which she never does). This past Saturday I was emptying bins for a masher and she kept putting the bottom yellow packages for me into bottom red even though there were plenty of empty bins. I sent a note up saying “put the BYE packages in BYE bins, not BRE”. She came storming down and threw the note at me and screeched that the slide was red lit and she needed to use those bins to make space. I said, “If it’s red lit, what are you doing down here?” She screamed “EAT :censored2:” at me and stomped off. The supervisor heard her and came over to see what the deal was. She told him I sent a bunch of nasty notes with profanity.

    Just today as retaliation for “over-circling” a SPA on a missort, she shotgunned the contents of one of my smalls bags into my bin while the boxline speed was set to turbo.

    I have the highest seniority on our boxline but if I go up to the top slide it won’t bump her off, it’ll bump the random helpers she gets instead, so that won’t work.

    Anyway, everyone hates this chick. She won’t load trucks because she won’t use the scanners because “they suck”. They do, but we get surprise add/cuts all the time and scanning is the only way to discover them, and it’s also part of the methods now. She refuses to follow instructions and methods and everyone lets her get away with it. Is there something that can be done to get her removed? Management has described her as a virus in our center but won’t deal with her outbursts and refusal to work as instructed. Can HR do something? All us loaders are at our wits end with this situation. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Do you know what a shank is?
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    How long has she been at UPS? If she has been there a while you just need to keep doing your job and let her dig her own grave. Eventually she will get caught up and they will write her up or she will get fired for not working as directed. You could go to your union steward and explain this to him or her so they are aware of the situation. If nothing else prevails then I would go to a FT supervisor or HR as you have stated but make sure you talk to a union steward first, this will help keep your integrity and keep a clean conscience.
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    Shut the boxline down until she can get it right.
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    She’s been there about a year (I’ve been there five). The PT sup said he figured out what he could write her up for, but he hasn’t done anything yet. I’ll find a steward tomorrow (preferably one that knows her and her antics well) and see if they can point me toward a solution. The FT sup is well aware of her and her attitude. I told him she was singling me out for her shenanigans and he said he’d talk to her. Nothing changed. HR is my last resort, but I’m going to see what I can get out of a shop steward first. Thanks for the reply!
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    I imagine fashioning one pretty much every day I’m at UPS.
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    No offense, but if you can't handle this then it's going to be a long and hard career at UPS for you.

    If this were me I'd just keep smiling at her and just keep say. "Well do your job right" everytime.

    Who cares what she says or who she tells. From what you describe every sup/managers knows her antics.

    Members don't try and get other members disciplined because we don't like them or think they are bad workers. You want to do that, then go into management.
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    She hot? Can you get us pics of her ?
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    Stop circling the SPA label.
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    I think he should circle the SPA even more after reading this.
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    @BakerMayfield2018 you take this one.
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    HR do nothing'' First'' some one have to get hurt , for anything to change my help/advised fired your BA .[​IMG]
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    Brown echo If u are not alive than for sure truth is not real

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    Sounds like childish games.

    FYI.... there is no boxline method to sort into the wrong bins. We would, on occasion leave some hanging out of other bins for preloaders on the slide side of the boxline when their bins are full. Just yell down the line “hanging out jimmy”
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    you have cages
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    Employees disrespecting and harassing each other is as much a contract violation as supervisors working get your steward involved.