Why did we even have a strike vote?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by DOK, Jul 18, 2018.

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    Good question if you think about it, what was the purpose this time around? They had a handshake agreement mere days after the votes for the authorization were counted, and we get this weak contract. What gives?
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    I talk to my business agent about this and he told me
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    Because even if a strike authorization vote doesn’t fool most Union members, it might still fool enough into thinking leadership lifted a finger to fight for members’ interests to influence the vote on the Contract.

    And it’s probably something the Union would point to in some sort of dereliction of duty case/protest by TDU, etc. All for show when JH and DT are accused of having been bought from the beginning.

    It’s why they quickly jettisoned negotiating committee members who would have actually advocated for membership.
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    It's all just a set up imho. The strike vote was used to make it seem like the union was really going to fight and that UPS was going to bring more to the table.

    And then the mainstream media is like "tremendous wage increases for part time employees and UPS avoids a strike!"
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    Yep. Wasn’t even a tactic used as negotiating leverage as some of us had hoped. Everything was already done.
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    What did he say?
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    He said that the company can do