Why does it take so dang long ....

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  1. McGee

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    to do preliminary background checks ( I am guessing thats that is happening) because on my job search it says:


    Click on the blue "Select" link to choose the application you wish to work with.

    and I hit select and it says either I don't need to provide more information ( for the first one ) or there are currently no appointment times for the last two .... I guess the question is:

    When is someone going to hit the button on their end that lets you complete more information??!! Springtime is coming and there are bound to be tons of people that have vacations right?? well I sure would like to have an interview ( having 10+ years at another company)... So come on hiring in southern MI/ NE Ohio! LOL!!

    Ok off my soapbox now...
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    Your past experience means nothing to UPS. When they need people they will call you to come in for an interview if they don't call that most likely means that they haven't gotten down to your name on the list of people that put in an application.

    Also they will only do a back ground check on the people they are going to hire it cost money to do a back ground check and they aren't going to waste money doing back ground checks on people that won't take the job after they find out what it is or the hours. Say that before they do a back ground check you will have already been interview at least once if not twice..... Then if after that they think your a good fit they will do a back ground check..... Then after that you will be put on a list of people that past the back ground check that want the job....
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    Yep, you are right, I know that too, was just expressing frustration...LOL!! Thanks for the reply though. Still there are vacations coming up ( that much for sure) LOL!!
  4. McGee

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    Well at least now I know I am waiting for an invite from a recruiter...
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    Because its one of the best jobs in the community.
  6. McGee

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    Don't I know it! LOL!