why no house or mailbox # ?!?

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    if a customer orders some stuff online, you'd think they'll have a house number or mailbox number so we can deliver it to them...

    stickers are ~ $1.00 or less at walmart

    a can of black/white paint is less than a buck as well; print out some stencils & paint your # on the garage door/ front door/ decorative scrap piece of wood/ a milk can/ road marker post/ etc...

    i know some towns require homes & businesses to have numbers easily seen for EMT & Fire to locate your homes efficiently

    here's some ideas:

    200806028-housenumber.jpg 024_thumb%u00255B13%5D.jpg DSCF3479.JPG paint-curbs.jpg DSC_0505.JPG P1110329.JPG for rural areas with long dirt driveways, something like this would be nice... house-number-10.jpg


    I'm one to try to get rid of my packages on the 1st attempt, not like others who would falsify a send-again code & let the swing driver figure it out the next day :dissapointed:

    so what if i peek inside the mailbox & pull out a letter to verify where you live; i'm going to make it easier for the next delivery person to find your home:



    it's hard enough to be in a rural area with no road markers/ house numbers to avoid a mis-delivery

    so take some time on your weekend to paint your house number or you'll see me with my permanent marker on your mailbox :holycowsmile:while others will just skip your delivery and delay it for up to 4 days


    a contractor told me he has to pay $285 for a mis-delivery; is that correct? because that is just too much. i guess that's why some drivers use code 07 (client not home; can't indirectly release) instead of using code 02 (incorrect address) or code 03 (unable to locate address) i'm guessing to avoid service % ?!?

    too many lazy drivers just wants to finish off their day ASAP since we don't get paid by the hour...
  2. CJinx

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    Scanning a package as 07 and then leaving the box behind because you can't find the place is a good way to earn the ire of the QA staff.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We used to write UTL--Unable To Locate--and bring them back to the center for lookup. This was back when part of our delivery area still used RD #'s. Our whole area is now 911 so we have very few lookups based on UTL--most of our lookups are moved are bad addresses.

    We have technology in place that forwards the information on any non-deliverable package to our clerks who will research them and, if they are able to find the correct address, the driver will be asked to go back and reattempt at the corrected address. We can also do address corrections on road. Suppose the pkg has a bad address but there is a phone number. We can call the number and try to get the correct address and reattempt the delivery if possible.
  4. bbsam

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    I hate RR# and have no sympathy for delay in delivering them. Even with plat books it can be challenging. I have looked time and time again for online solutions for solutions to the dilemma with no success. I hardly think this should be proprietary information for the post office.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    RR#'s can be a pain in the butt until you figure out how they were laid out. I had one town where the box numbers jumped by 5 rather than 1 and another where the RR#'s for two towns mxed in together. The conversion to 911 made it so much easier but you would still have that person who would use their old RR# as their new house number. This is where area knowledge was key and where PAS/EDD and ROADS fail miserably.
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    I had a customer in one rural town was one of the first houses on the street. When 911 was implemented, his number was given to a house down and across the street To be in line with the system and he was assigned a new number. Being a stubborn fool, he refused to change and was responsible for several misdels to himself and his neighbor. Jerk gave me a real earful and blamed me for misdelivering the pkg. I just smiled and went on my way. Then made sure every delivery he got after that was a day late and charged an address correction.
    Still I loved that rural route. 300 miles a day, mostly nice folks and pretty scenery.
  7. STFXG

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    That's why we have code 03... Unable to locate. It does count against service. But if you get caught scanning packages as an 07 and then leaving it with qa for directions you can be disqualified as a driver for misusing status codes (considered an integrity issue).
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    ah the integrity issue... yea i had to talk to the drivers' bosses about that & warn them if they keep doing that & a customer calls in to complain that no door tag was left for a signature, they'll eventually get caught.

    i've seen both newbies & vets cutting corners just to get off the clock ASAP. I'm out there trying to figure where their homes are, use the phone numbers on the packages & ask for the closest intersection/landmark to see if i'm on the same page...

    i had that problem last week where the new number was on the house (#400) & the husband refuses to use it (old # was 500). This was a dead end street & thought there were more houses around the corner to continue on, but NOOOOOOOOO.... coded it a 02 (wrong address). Regular driver came back on Tuesday & told me that 400 & 500 were the same exact home! (lost $1.50 for not delivering it on Saturday)
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    If you leave it with QA and give them a day to figure it out, doesn't go against service. Sucks as far as customer service is concerned, but seems like that is how Fedex wants it.
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    A great deal of my route is like this. Lots of shared drives or private roads with all the mailboxes at the end. Much of my route is laid out with the 911 system which is nice when you have to do some thinking. I got burned on it one time, though - a road with three houses, let's say the addresses were 124, 235, and 406. I had a pkg going to 124, so naturally I left it at the first house on the right. The lady came outside and said 124 was the next house; the houses were laid out 406, then 124, then 235. Some roads where I am have absolutely no rhyme or reason.

    I wish HD had a UTL code. Unfortunately all we can do it 02 it then tell QA we couldn't find it. Then, they'll print one of those useless map stickers with a star on it, stick it to the box, and send us on our way.

    On second thought, does HD have a UTL code? I've never looked that closely at the other more esoteric status codes.
  11. HomeDelivery

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    yes, it's code 03 for the longest time since i've been on board... it will say UTL next to it.

    code 02 is incorrect recipient address, which may or may not be correct, depending on what fedex's mapping software says vs my gps...
  12. CJinx

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    It counts as an AM exception and goes against the local station's service, just not against your service.

    UTL is 03. Also, help your QA clerks out by writing exactly what you're looking for next to the service cross. ("Number not posted" or "Numbers go 2,4,6,10 No #8", etc) Seeing an 02 with not additional data makes it hard for the clerk to know what you need which may be why you are getting useless maps.
  13. bbsam

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    Why would QA put a map on an 02? I have always thought they were just being lazy. If it is a good address, call and get directions or description of the house. 03, give me a map. 02, research the address.
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    HD division always gets a map overview/detail... so when the system plots it wrong, i can bring in the map to the QA clerk and show them that it wasn't in the correct intersection. That's when the QA will use to verify and edit where the correct location really is...

    Wasn't Ground supposedly have ROADS in trial at your terminal since the middle of July?

    here's a very old pic of one of the routes...

  15. CJinx

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    Inexperience or laziness. Go talk to them about it, and if that doesn't work go see the P&D manager.
  16. bbsam

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    We do talk and it has gottten somewhat better. They still need to get alot better.
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    Has any 1 had to acknowledge their dex 03s??? I had to initial a paper the other day cause I brought 2 back- no number on their gate, mailbox, or house. I had to call another customer when I got back to sta. about her location and she got all bent out of shape when I suggested she and her neighbors put their address on their house,what are these people hiding from???
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    Flaco190, why didn't you call the # while you were in the vicinity? or peek at the mailboxes for evidence of mail/address verification?


    I had a 03, but called the # on the box & they were in a town that was 3 hours from my current location!

    so i rescanned, code it 02, and put the correct zip with a note to QA "driver contacted client ~ address correction requested and OFD Saturday 8-11-2012"

    so the Proflowers.com box is now sitting inside with me to keep it cool & i have to make sure it's routed to the right area tomorrow:zombismiley:(eventhough it's not in my job description)
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    Can you quote that policy please?