Why the United Way?

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    Out of curiosity and it may have been explained somewhere else, but how did The United Way become the UPS management charity of choice/record/reciprocal reach around? It just seems odd that no other groups/charities are so intertwined in the UPS hierarchy. It also seems like other charities don't have quite the overhead % that United way does.
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    Most companies do push the United Way. It's just a status thing "XYZ Corporation raised $X Million for the United Way."
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    Actually, the high percent of contributions that reach the end recipients is one of the key reason UW was chosen.
    Additionally, the reach of United Way across the entire spectrum of the USA made it a natural choice for UPS.
    The PR aspect of UW is always an aspect that makes it attractive to large companies to select the UW.
    I see a lot of PR of UW in sports broadcasts and none of that comes from UW funds.
    We are all surrounded by agencies, shelters, charitable entities that help the less fortunate that are supported in part or whole by the UW.
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    ...which is another way of saying 'it's a status thing.' Contributions to the UW has gradually become the gold standard among corporate philanthropy.

    I agree, the UW does a lot of wonderful things. But you really need to research the arm of the UW in which your money is going to -- while the national UW earns high marks for efficiency (contributions actually being donated, with some adjustments; e.g. fundraising), my local UW chapter does not - hurt by bloated executive salaries that saw the CEO earn nearly $1M in 2011.
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    Ups owns the united way.
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    I give over 10 grand a year to UW. I hope it pays dividends some day. We are talking about The University of Wisconsin right?
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    Are you sure you don't give to the university of wimpy.
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    The Browns have a University?
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    why not the Anne Casey Foundation? its UPSer related..
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    As often as they have been schooled you would think they do.
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    My alma mater is KMFA.
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    Kankakee Munincipal Faculty Academy ?
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    It's the "Corporate United Way" of doing things. They all read the same books (NWO), sit on the same boards, go to the same clubs.

    "The concept is simple – there are many social service agencies in all communities that compete for the limited local dollars available. The idea of the United Way was to eliminate all of the individual fund raising efforts and to ‘unite’ in one effort."

    You can connect the dots, that said, it's not like no money makes it down, in fact a lot does. But there is a metric ton of cash feeding this monster and when one entity has so much control, think your union bosses.... Well nature comes out.