Why thousands of PTers didn't get a 70c raise

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bagels, May 10, 2014.

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    Per TDU:

    Basically, if your seniority date was between August 31 and April 25, you received the progression wage increase specified under the old contract. The raise you received now is merely to catch you up to the new progression wage. However, you WILL receive a retroactive check: 70c per hour retroactive to August 1, then (70c - the raise you already received) for hours between that and April 25.

    We knew this last year -- nothing new here -- but it keeps coming up over and over again so I thought it'd be helpful to post the link.
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    Must have voted for Hoffa and yes. Go ahead and ask them why. Remember next time you need to shove a ballet in a pre paid envelope.
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    They dont count them anyways! He will probably call an impasse, on His own election!
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    Don't bother tallying the votes...screw you guys...I win anyway!
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    Part timers are treated like door mats, but that's what you get for not voting.
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    If my Seniority is 4/27/10. and I'm making $12:50. Will I be making $13.20 as Example 4: States? If not, why would they let people only a few months behind me, make a decent .70 cents more?