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    In our area we can use a week of vacation as single days. similar to personal days, they must be requested 8 days prior. Friday morning , I put in for a request off (unpaid) for the following Monday. I am full rate. 2 other full rate drivers also asked off. I am the only one of the 3 who selected a week of single days. I was told if a person has single days they MUST be used. I refused to use one. Our schedule has those 2 listed under request off (one is lower seniority) and I'm on a route I havent done for years. There are also 4 lower senior drivers on call(not full rate). Why wouldnt UPS want to run one of these guys over me? Why should I have to burn a single day when others do not? What am I missing here?
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    what did they say when you asked them?
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    You really can't figure it out.? You elected to use a week of vacation as single days off and the other guys didn't.

    They probably don't have entitlement days available. Worry about yourself and not others.
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    They tried this around here once, just file on it and they will back off.
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    This is exactly why I say that drivers should be forced to use all of their paid days before being allowed to take "dead days".
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    In my supplement those days are supposed to be used the first 8 days we don't work. However, it's not enforced and people will spread them out though the year.
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    if you owned your own business would you hire extra people to cover unpaid days off? you want optional holidays, sick days, vacation days used individually and how many unpaid days every year?
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    We have folks here will request off during the year to save those single vacation days for later in the year also.
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    Your not entitle to take unpaid days off just because you want to unless you out of days. Some buildings might allow it to happen but there is no language in the contract that says you can request a day off without pay.

    Remember you weren't told you couldn't have the day off. You were told you couldn't have the day off unpaid as you still have days available to use. There is nothing you can do you don't have a case the union wants you to work as UPS pays into union run benefits based on days you work and get paid for not for dead days.
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    You should stick to answering the phone. In the Atlantic Area if there are extra drivers then unpaid days off have to be offered in seniority order and no, the company can't force you to use personal or vacation days.
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    They say they are abiding by the contract. Look, I didnt really need the day off. I was just willing to let someone else work that day since we have so many drivers wanting to work. If they want to pay someone $35/hr vs. $20 that seems like a poor business decision. I feel bad for stock owners.
  13. Brownslave688

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    No that's entirely dependent on where you are.

    Here as has been said a million times. Seniority gives you the right to work. It does not give you the right not to work.
  14. Jones

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    Read it again, I said "in the Atlantic Area". Seniority does give us the right to go home when we have extra drivers.
  15. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I missed the period. I thought you were telling him to answer phones in the Atlantic. Lol

    Either way very few supplements have that language.
  16. Harry Manback

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    But, you have to report for work. Which, would make submitting a request for time off moot.
  17. Jones

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    True that, but they do have to let you go home in seniority order and they can't make you burn a personal.
  18. Jackburton

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    Southern Supplement Art 64 reads the same. This doesn't matter if you report or not, management calling you and asking you if you want the day off or coming in and there's extra bodies.


    When time off is available it shall be offered in seniority order by classification as long as it does not result in economic cost to the Employer.
  19. Jones

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    Our language is a little better because it doesn't let them weasel about the "economic cost".
    Voluntary time off will be offered in seniority order in each center.

    Every supplement should have language like this.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    Here if you elect to take a vacation as single vacation days then the first 5 days your scheduled to work and don't will be paid as single vacation days.

    I don't know where your at but central states here your management team would be correct. If you don't take a week as svd and ask for time off it would be unpaid. Request off.