Will Real Conservatives Please Stand Up!


A valid piece to discuss. Perhaps we could also go on a hunt for the true liberal or democrat. Who represents this person in todays world? Is the true democrat now represented by the few that call theirselves independents? Is the true liberal now represented by the pompass aristorcrats kennedy , carey or Fienstien? Has their philosophy changed from fighting for the blue collar working man to crying for handouts? Or just crying in general whenever it feels good to do so? Or is the democratic agenda now to set ones sails and let the wind steer them in whatever direction it blows. So many questions one needs to ask on political philosophy. Yet so little time. Perhaps there will be a benifit to this day you have threatened me with when the storm troopers bust down my door and take all my liberties. Perhaps I will then be told how to think and can do so without anymore fears of what may happen. What a great day. No longer having to worry that some liberal will tax me to death simply because I am a white man with a job. No longer having to worry that the government may be listening in to my private conversations in broken german/english to german family members. Or worse yet that they may be listening if If I were to call one of those overseas smut lines. Yes sir life will be so much simpler when this cold reality hits. Why the money I currently piss away throwing beer bottles at the TV when I see Kennedy or Fienstien speak; may alone be worth this new world order. :lol: