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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, May 4, 2012.

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    Thank you for posting this Moreluck. I hope being informed will help someone who may be at risk get early screening. Tomorrow while many people will be celebrating cinco de mayo, I will be with family celebrating the life of my aunt at her memorial. We lost her 2 weeks ago to ovarian cancer. She was an amazing woman, strong, smart and practical, yet always ready to laugh, she had a wonderful sense of humor!

    Miss you Auntie!!
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    Cancer is a scary disease. I have a sister who had\has stage 4 breast cancer. I say had\has since cancer was detected about 12 years ago and she had a double mastectomy along with chemo etc. Then about 6 years ago, they found cancer had spread, but they again treated it. A year ago they found it had spread again (to her bones). They are treating it again. Scary... I'm hoping she can get through it.

    If there was anything that would have helped her was earlier detection of the cancer. She didn't do a good job of going for her yearly physicals, nor did she give herself any self exams. I'm trying to be better now and go get yearly physicals.

    Hopefully all of you go out and get your yearly physicals (not just the DOT physicals). In that way you can enjoy your retirement.
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