Won't bid routes.

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  1. Brownslave688

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    So we have 3 "junk" routes that are in 3-4 days a week. Myself and a few other drivers have been keeping track of all 3 of these routes since mid August. Well all 3 have now been in the required 30 of 90. After arguing with the center manager for a few days that he had to put these routes up for bid the best we got out of him was "I'll look into it". Lol this isn't a look into thing he has to bid them and we will file to make sure it gets done. What I don't understand is what's the big deal? Why not just bid these routes? They are all in parts of town that are growing very quickly and soon it just won't even be an option they will all be in everyday no doubt.


    Well if it has the possiblity of having to hire another driver, that would be the reason why they arent willing to do anything. Been seeing it here for almost 6 months. We pulled up our records of 9.5' s and they are absolutely through the roof. We are filing and nothing is changing! We need another hire but they wont do anything about it.
  3. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    These routes are in drivers are running them. It's not that they eliminate routes because we r under staffed. Just refuse to bid new routes makes no sense to me I'd rather have a regular driver on each route.
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    Have these routes been in for 30 consecutive days???
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    No 30 days in a 90 calendar days is how our supplement reads.
  6. CAFAL

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    Here in my local it's 30 consecutive days. Where are you?
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    Some of you guys, not to sound down on you, but you realize you have a union? I think I've said this 10 times today on this site, but different rules for, blah, flicking blah. If that route is in for 30 consecutive days, guess what? Johnny Dumb-ashed supervisor is holding his duck in his hand, because...why? Because that, sir, is a new route. 30 days is 30 days. Just because a calendar to you is Greek to him doesn't mean his brain is still landfill material.

    Those are new routes baby. Don't let him forget it.


    Preach it Dracula
  9. Cementups

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    30 consecutive here as well.
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    So what defines a route for purposes of deciding if it has been active for 30 consecutive days? It can't just be a name obviously or they would just change it at 29 days. Is it a certain number of streets (A, B and C street for instance) included in the dispatch every day for those 30 days?
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    I think there is something to the fact that split routes may be put in day after day but usually not in the same form. We have a split called 07F that is in something like 19 days out of 20, but while it has the same name everyday it has many variations on what goes on it. So it never goes out to bid because it's never really the same route.
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    Yea that's what I'm driving at, it seems like it would be really easy for a smart center manager to never have a route come up for bid if he didn't want it to.
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    But if your center normally operates with say 30 routes but all of a sudden for 30 consecutive days a 31st route (no matter the area) is needed to operate smoothly and in range, you need to bid that route. What area(s) it runs doesn't matter. It's all about center operation
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    We have a route that has been in all year save but for a few days you can count on both hands. We have requested it be bid to our CS and our center manager and yet.....nothing.
  15. Brownslave688

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    Talk to a steward and file. That's where it's headed in my center I promise u.