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    does anbody else feel like these three words have begun to cover a whole lot of ground latley?the company has started using this in situations where it doesnt apply,now everytime they have a problem they instruct you not to do are a few examples,"im instructing you not to go over 8 hours","im instructing you not to bring in your cell phone"im instructing you not to work double shifts.this phrase is meant to instruct people to perform task as it pertains to work and supported by the contract,if you talk to your b/a and he says work as instructed and file later,and you do but managment keeps doing it anyways because unless its a montary grievance they will,how do you win.
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    You win by cashing that paycheck every Friday and bringing your kids to the dentist and not having to worry about paying the bill.
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    Is there a good reason not to do what you are instructed to do?

    Giving specific instructions can backfire. I've heard of drivers pulling over and punching out when instructed to "get off the clock in xx hours" The instructions were followed, but following the instructions created other problems.
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    i got this message once "YOU ARE NOT TO GO OVER 9.5 HOURS AT ALL NO EXCEPTIONS" so i didnt and brought back thirty two stops and sheeted them all as missed. The next morning center manager who instructed me to do this had me set in with him on his conference call while he got reamed for so many service failures. I was on the clock of course with a steward. Never have received those instructions again.
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    i would expect an answer like that from you,doesnt playing both sides of the fence get tireing.
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    Not nearly as tiring as posting without a clue.

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    I was on a space/vis once when I was instructed to walk across a lawn to get to the front door instead of staying on the 'prescribed walk path' which is what I normally do at this particular stop. The supervisor in question didn't want to hear my explanation and he didn't have to since he stepped in a pile of what my explanation was going to be.

    There is always an exception to every rule at every stop...
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    Intelligent, well-thought out posting can be tiring.

    The true answer always lies in the middle. You may have heard the expression that "he must be doing something right, both sides are mad at him".

    If this had been directed to me, I would have taken it as a compliment.
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    You have a dental plan? We're getting ripped.:greedy:
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    You're a Lions fan--you must be used to getting the short end of the stick.
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    This years going to be different!
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    That's hockey, right?

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    lions will be 11-5 this year.

    in bizarro world!
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    if your supervisor feels he needs to give you formal instrutions then he does not feel he can trust you to comply to less formal instructions.

    Your asking the question of "how do you win" may be an indication of why you're getting formal instructions. My question would be why do you feel you need to win at work. You have a job to do the boss tells you to do the job the way he wants it done. its the basic tenant of a work relationship. If you feel you go to work to find ways to win and defeat your boss then that may be an indication of why you are recieving formal instructions.