Work Boots for UPS?

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  1. Magnus

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    Alright, I have tried in vain to find the required boots for this type of work. They just don’t exist, and if they do, they’re not cheap and are impossible to find.

    During the interview process, Management makes it a point to say that your work shoes should:

    Be leather, water proof, oil and slip resistant, contact tested, comfortable and have treads suitable for metal grate contact and should be a “composite toe” (SHOULD NOT be “steel toe”) – and then of course there is the color requirements if they want you to also double as a Driver Helper during Peak (which they often do) and so that slims down the options even considerably more, because Brown and Black is it or they’ll send me home.

    My question is… where in the world do I find a boot that meets all of these specifications, which won’t hinder my ability to run packages back and forth on the feeder trailers, aren’t going to kill me in weight or discomfort, and which don’t cost a fortune and are easy to find IN the stores?

    And please don’t say Wal-Mart’s Brahma boots (they lasted me two WEEKS during Peak before falling apart mid-shift!)

    Thanks for your help, advice and suggestions!
  2. cosmictrucker

    cosmictrucker counting the months

    Sears Die Hard Work Boots with a side zipper. Less than $40 and good for a few years of service.
  3. overallowed

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    If they aren't Red Wings, they don't go on my feet before I go to work. A little more money, but well worth it.
  4. UPSGUY72

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    Boots for inside or as a driver ?? Most driver wear black sneakers I only where boots in the winter other than that I wear Nike Air Monarchs.
  5. Bubblehead

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    These are my favorite.
    Made by Sketchers Work.
  6. DorkHead

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    Rocky eliminator II for winter
    Rocky walkers for summer
    Made in the USA
  7. bigbrownhen

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    I tried the Sketchers work shoes, they were about 60 bucks and I was lucky to get 6 weeks out of them before they fell apart. I didn't try the boots though. I wear black sneekers in the summer and Danner boots in the winter. My favorite sneekers were my Nike Shox and they lasted almost a year. I finally broke down and bought a pair of Danners last winter. It took time to break them in and they are expensive, but so far wear very well.
  8. mahmoud

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  9. Magnus

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    Thank you for the suggestions guys.

    I can’t afford anything over $100 right now (I have $160 to my name and I need some of that for other work related expenses), and the shoes I get have to be up to par with OSHA’s standards. Also, the management teams out here DO enforce the shoe thing, and they’ve made it clear that anybody showing up to work with sneakers, sandals or otherwise will be written up, sent home (and firing is implied).

    I had been considering CAT “Second Shift” boots WITHOUT steel toe but nobody has them in stock – just to give you guys a reference point of what I’m after. I know I SHOULD get steel toe, however I have worked with those before and they murder my shins after a week.

    Whatever I get, I need to make sure that they will last me at the very least six months to a year (tread-wise) and won't impede my performance and cause me undo pain lol. Also, they make it a point to say that the boots also have to protect the ankles as well, so they have to be past the ankles.

    Thanks so much again and please keep the recommendations coming!
  10. upsgrunt

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    My only advice is that any UPS job is hard on shoes- you can spend a lot and get several seasons out of a pair, or spend a little and get 1 season out of a pair. It seems to average out. My current summer shoes are Echos and I'm in my second season, and they are still in great shape; but, I paid 2 bills for them.
  11. 22.34life

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    if your budget is 100 bucks timberlin makes a good hikeing boot that you can wear, they are steel toe and sell for about 90 bucks they are pretty light and comfortable,they lasted me about 18 months which is pretty good .right now i got a pair of redwings that were $125 and they are bad ass but pretty high priced for a work boot.dont go cheap on your shoes everthing starts with your feet.
  12. whiskey

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    A solid 6 months with a Rockport product. But I can stretch it to 10.
  13. jimstud

    jimstud Banned

    i think rockports are the best. since i started wearing them my back problems have lessened and since i took over the route i am now on i have not had to pay for a pair of shoes in 5 yeatrs.
  14. browniehound

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    I was going to write this also, but UPSguy beat me to the punch. Most drivers in my center wear black New Balance sneakers. They fit the appearence guidlines 100%. They are 100% black and polishable (although it looks a little silly to walk in public with shoe polish on sneakers, but thats UPS for you), with a non-slip sole and good ankle support. Most importantly though, they are COMFORTABLE.

    This is the area of the appearence guildlines that I get a kick out of. These guidlines were set forth as early as 1907. Let's just say the "modern" standards came about in the 50's or 60's. My beef comes with the fact that no UPS driver was doing even half of the 170 stops that constitute an eight hour day for me in 2010. We need to wear black comfortable sneakers to accomplish this feat (no pun intended, lol) today.

    I can't wear hard, rigid, leather boots that shine like mirrors and do a buck ninety day in and out. Yes, they look good polished, but they are not practical. What looks even more ridiculous is the driver wearing polished sneakers. They meet the guidlines, but when you polish them you just look like a UPS driver with an IQ of 75 or border-line retarded because you are walking around in black sneakers with shoe polish on them. Good Grief!! ha ha

    As for the hub, any sturdy boot will do because you are not doing too much walking. Basically, you'll be standing in one place most of the night loading or unloading and walking comfort might not be a huge issue
  15. Magnus

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    I'll be inside, loading and/or unloading. As I understand it, that requires some running to and from the end and front of the feeder trailers to reach the rollers or belt (if its one of those old jacked up sets that starts in the middle of the trailer rather than being adjustable as the volume depletes or whatever). I'm looking at 10,000+ packages a shift of 3-4 trailers by myself, and with Management expecting us to clear 1 package in 5 seconds, so I definitely need a good pair of work boots (as I already stated, management down here is VERY strict about footwear and WILL NOT allow us to work if we show up in anything that is not leather, slip and oil resistant, have treads suited for metal contact, stable on the ankles, provides some measure of toe protection (composite toe - but NOT steel toe for obvious reasons) and which are also "water proof" (if a leather shoe ever really could be that).

    I have absolutely no idea if they are going to ask any of the PT Handlers to double up as Driver Helpers this Peak (they did this last year) and so I'm best to be preparing for doing this as well (though last year I wore my NB sneakers because my feet just couldn't handle the 300+ stops I was doing every day and night after the first week in cheap Bahma's).

    But yeah, I can't run out and buy these mythical work boots until I'm 100% guaranteed the job though (should be early next week), because as I also stated I've got $160 to get me through with for the next four months until Peak if they decide not to hire me for this gig first (which better not happen for all I've done during Peak in '08 and '09 LOL). :hypnosis:
  16. UnsurePost

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    I always like the Timberland pro series for inside work. I have two pairs , slightly different, that have lasted since 2004. Both still wearable but starting to wear some so I bought another last week to have a fresh one. 3 pairs in 6+ years. Very comfortable and sturdy and all 3 still rotated.
    One thing I suggest is buying aftermarket insoles. New Balance makes good ones. They can really make a difference.

    For driving I wear New Balance walker sneakers Browniehound might be talking about. They're so light, comfortable and uh well balanced :D I feel barefoot. Highly recommended.
  17. over9five

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    Magnus, remember we have discounts at several shoe places thru That's how I get my Summer shoes (Skechers sneakers).

    For Winter I wear Timberland Pro.
  18. browned out

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    Cross trainers are very sturdy, comfortable and light.
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  19. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Get a pair of brown New Balance sneakers and put some brown shoe polish on them to blend in with your uniform. Take care of your feet, lightweight and breathable will keep you comfortable especially in the spring through the fall months. Alternate in a warmer and better tractioned shoe in the winter months or just use mudrubbers over whatever footwear you use. If you're clumsy or drop stuff a lot then by all means get steel toes.
  20. Overpaid Union Thug

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    These haven't failed me yet.