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  1. Birdblue

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    Do potential employers do a past history check on the employees that they about to hire other then what's on their application/resume? I guess what I'm asking is if one left out a job that they had at one point on there application/resume how would the posibble employer find out other then the little errors and holes they make on the applications/resume?
  2. Birdblue

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    By the way this question is unrelated to ups.
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  3. Cementups

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    You should make a 3rd post about it and see what you get. And make sure it's unrelated to UPS.
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  4. Turdferguson

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    They would find out by little mistakes the applicant would start to make, tell tale signs that they are trying to hide something. Fidgetingin your seat during the interview process. A fine sheen of sweat that would break out on your upper lip during the interview process. Insane stories that make no sense to try and explain holes in your resume.
  5. Billy Ray

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    Alrighty then....
    Glad we cleared that up.
  6. burrheadd

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    So what's it related to
  7. Number24

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    Why are you posting work non related UPS questions on this website? Do you not have people you can ask these questions to in person?
  8. upschuck

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    I think if you start a fourth, then fifth thread about this, you may get the answer you want.
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