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  1. TheCardinal

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    Hello fellow drivers
    I have absolute the worst luck when it come to work shoes. They have already cost me 2 slip and fall injuries. I have tried the most expensive (redwings) to the least expensive possible. the all either come out defective, wearout quickly or the sole disinegrate (?) fast.
    thought this is an unsual question, I would like to know what do you have for you foot gear?
    thank you and lets be safe outhere
  2. Dirty Savage

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    Bummer to hear about your bad luck with Red Wings. Was gonna buy some of those myself but now . . .

    This spring I bought a pair of Columbia's. Coltrane series I think. Cost me $110. They are very comfortable and I never once had an issue with slipping even in the wettest conditions. They are just starting to wear out now which is ok because once the snow comes I bust out my Sorel boots.

    If you can find a dealer in your area, I would also suggest Dr. Marten's. Pretty pricey but they are very well made and durable. I have a pair I bought ten years ago and they are still in very good shape.
  3. browned_out

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    :thumbup1: Over the years I have tried many different types of boots, although most will wear out fairly quickly in this job, I would recommend Wolverine for comfort-decent wear on the soles(some models can't be re-soled).
  4. AirDriverAmy

    AirDriverAmy New Member

    I wear Nike boots. They are waterproof and warm.
  5. xkingx

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    nothing but Swat Viper waterproof...Thought they would be too hot in the summer,nope they worked out great...
  6. Jagz

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    I used Red Wing sneakers that can be polished. Paid $120 they were great. When those wore out, I went to WalMart and bought some cheapie black ones and they lasted longer and where more comfortable. Cost me $25:thumbup1:
  7. canam77

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    I have used Red wings, Nike shoes, and Military boots, But the best boots I have ever worn are the 5.11 ATAC Shield Boots. They last about 2 years, Cost 129.00 , Very light, a number of drivers use them in our center.
  8. Griff

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    Black nike air force 1's

    I get them off ebay, order 2 pairs at a time, typically last about 3 months.

    I just can't wear a boot, I hate the way they feel. I wear these even in the winter (they aren't waterproof).
  9. SmithBarney

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  10. The Brown Santa

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    I was always a loyal Red Wing guy, but honestly, for this job they are too heavy and they wear out fast.

    Most of the drivers in my center are wearing thses now, including myself. Super light and durable. Like walking on marshmallows all day.
  11. happyboy

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    You could try some Crocs, be the first one in ur center to get them. I"d wait until u get on route to put them on though.
  12. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    I usually pic up some Nike Airs or some New Balance. I may go with these next to replace my Nike TL's...

  13. edd_tv

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    i had a brown pair of these new balances and was told could not wear them because they are not all polishable. dont know how it is anywhere else. i had worn them for almost 6 months with no problems. comfortable and good grip. held up well.
  14. Cementups

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    I've been wearing non-polishable shoes for at least 2 years now with no issue. I try to get polishable but sometimes it comes down to getting what you can at the time that you need new shoes.
  15. ovid

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    The "tactical" type of swat team boots from 5.11 are awesome. Personally; I usually wear running shoes, and am just careful not to drop anything on my feet. I may regret it one day, but I have been unable to find a comfortable pair of steeltoes.
  16. NJLady

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    Rockies work real well. Also very expensive but they last ,are warm and water proff. I get them at a cop shop. the Galls catalog carries them..
  17. Coldworld

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    ecco track. They are spendy, but you can usually find them on the bay for 120 or so. All leather goretex, can be polished. Soles are very "bouncy. Many drivers at my bldg wear them. There is a corporate discount on for ecco, but look on the bay first!
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  18. brownieboy

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    I agree with th Ecco. Anyone try the Propet shoes yet. Look decent. fairly inexpesive. Zappos has them for 76 bucks, free NDA shipping.
  19. txminer

    txminer Go Sox

    I have had good luck with the Die Hards from sears Low cut. They usually will last you 6 months.
  20. Chop

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    27 years on the bricks...the best brand shoe is ECCO. Get the Track model. Track I, Track II, Track III, and Track IV are all waterproof and have Gortex. All leather hold up very well. If you buy in a store plan to pay 200 to 240, but I go to Ebay and at the last moments and you can get it for around 80 dollars. That is 80 for new in box shoes. Good luck with anyting else, CHOP:thumbup1: