Workers Comp issues

Discussion in 'Health and Medical Topics' started by Packageman951, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Packageman951

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    Is it just normal to have so many issues when dealing with WC, specifaly Gallegher Basset. Going in for my second shoulder surgery in 3 years and I think I may die of old age before the shoulder gets worked on!
  2. Wrench

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    It took me 6 years of working with a ruptured disc for them to finally fix it.
  3. Enforcerx

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    usually about 1.5 years is the norm. Never delt with gallegher basset, liberty mutual was slow too. There being real causious for comp injurys now. It like they wanna look the other way, or pretend they didnt hear U.
  4. k946

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    I never had any trouble with GB, Liberty mutual on the other hands sucks. Just remember LM and UPS are a match made in heaven, both are cheap and will bully you till they think you will just give up. Try googling LM complaints, that will give you an idea what your in for. Good luck