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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by 01focus, Jan 22, 2009.

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    I'm trying to get the guys at my terminal to meet at least twice a month somewhere maybe before or afterwork to discuss problems and progress. this way eveyone knows whats going on and we don't have to go in to work with that "us against them attitude". Some days you have to push through the tension to get to the time clock. I was talking to my manager one day. Just so happens, he was giving me compliment. Fellow worker walked by and gave me that betrayal look. Are any other terminals engaging in this?
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    our hub has tride eri commitees (empoyee retiention ?) sorry can't rember what the i is for. lol basicly they are there to take on complants and try to fix them. in hopes of emproving moral. Mostly a big joke. mangement will alow a few hrs here and there.. and its funny the people that they picked to be on it. a couple of good ones the really want to make a differnce..and rest well lets just say you have to have a good attitude yuorself if you plain on making someone else happy. lol every area has it's movers and shakers..and should be in comittee...

    when i first started we would go threw people so fast i got to were i wouldn't talk to the new hire till they were there for at least two weeks. i did evently start getting everyone to gether to meet at a restraunt. everyone came. it be came a thing for not only our area but for everyone.. once a month differnt restaunt. it changed a lot. workers were willing to help other areas to wrap up..because they knew the person and it gave them more time to talk..
    you just need have to do all the leg work.