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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upslocal480, Jan 27, 2003.

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    I am supposed to be on vacation this week and next week. I showed up to work tonight and was basically greeted with dissapointment by the full-time sup. He said we actually weren't supposed to work any during vacations and that if I worked tonight, which I did, then <u>I'd HAVE TO </u>show up the rest of the week also. Any truth to this? I also overheard a guy ask him if they are hiring any more people soon and the sup said "well, we've already got one more person then I planned on having tonight" I don't understand that becaus normally they bug all of us to work during vacations.
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    ummm i think that is a bunch of BS. hell i work at least 1 vacation week a year and they don't say Jack to me. Sometimes i just work maybe that MON through Wed and take the rest of the week off, i mean what can they say ...its your vacation. I've never once had a sup tell me i had to come in the rest of the week if i came in a day on my vac. hell they are glad i came in to help. In the 5 years i've been there this ain't happened to me......I hope no drivers out there work during their vacations?
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    Under central states you can only work wour option week or take a pay only for it vacations you can not work or aren't supposed to but I know when we are short people have
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    It depends on whether or not it is conveinent for managment as to how they handle the situation

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    "It depends on whether or not it is conveinent for managment as to how they handle the situation "

    You are correct. I have heard them tell drivers, "No, We cant let you work your vacation". BUT, I know drivers who have worked their vacation. Favoritism, pure and simple.
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    Why in the hell would you work on your vacation?!? If you want to work tell the company to pay you off and work so they can plan accordingly, but I would enjoy the time off and live a little! if you just have to work for whatever reasons at least let them know so they can plan and perhaps let someone else off who wanted that week but you got it because of seniority, jeez folks think of someone besides yourselfs for a change.[​IMG]}
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    Why in the hell would you work on your vacation?!?

    MONEY...but if your a driver... yeah why work.
    i do the same thing every year for the past 5 years, you think they bring someone else in when people take vacation? OHH i guess thats when the sups start WORKING a little bit huh?
    on the other hand atleast tell your p/t sup that you ain't gonna be there certain days on you vacation and days you will be there.... always worked for me.....
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    We have one driver who will not miss free food. We was on vacation one week, and found out about a barbeque for our center. He worked the day of the BBQ and took the rest of his vacation.
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    At our hub if you want to work your vacation that is fine with them. Last year i had to work thru everyone of mine due to my husband had been off hurt at his job. I also know a driver that works thru everyone of his vacations.
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    So can managment refuse to let people work during vactions or what? Is it in the contract?
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    It all depends on if you have the manpower. If you have junior drivers on layoff, and they are working the sorts, and they let you drive, it would be a grievable action. But if you are really tight on drivers, they do let drivers work their vacation. The best policy is to get with your sup as soon as you know you will want to work it, so they can plan it. It will also help those drivers that wanted that week for something to be able at least to get a day off.

    But on the other hand, if you make it a regular option to work your vacations, esp during the peak season, and you work them, you will get grieved against for knocking out someone from biding that week. So it is a fine line, and they DONT have to let you work if you bid that week.

    Kinda like bidding areas. If you are a cover driver, and dont plan on staying on a single route, dont bid a route. That only takes those routes away from less junior drivers.

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    I have nothing to do with driving. I'm strictly reload.