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    Hey guys..........I was wondering if someone could help. I am a 10 year employee and a 7 TCD, not full time yet but will be next any time now. I was on vacation this week but was called in to drive this morning because the center mgr. said they were severely short handed and basically begged me. I agreed and went in. So, because I drove during my vacation, am I entitled to a higher rate? Several other drivers seem to think so but I can't find it in the contract and can't reach my steward. Any ideas? Thanks!!!!!
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    Why did you even answer your phone? You're on vacation, managements poor ability to staff isn't your problem.
  3. You get no higher rate of pay, but you will essentially be getting double time since they've already paid you to stay home.
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    You deserve a vacation. You work too hard to not use them.
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    To the OP---you are trying to get a FT job and I don't blame you for coming in when asked; however, as was stated above, it is not your job to fix their problems.

    Most of us have worked all or part of our vacations in the past. I know I did--the extra money was nice. We are no longer allowed to do this in Upstate NY for the simple reason that they don't want to pay us twice.

    You should have the option to extend your vacation by one day, if you choose to; if not, enjoy the extra money.
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    This is CRAZY TALK Dave. Maybe's it's just my building, but I've never known a single person to work through vacation. Nor did management ever even consider trying to call us to take off either. And if they did they would get a very stern NO from this guy. They don't come in on their vacation so why should I.
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    I'm guessing you ran Sat air. Maybe you working today allows you a sat off when you really need it.

    When I was on the preload I tried to move a vacation to a week noone had. It was because I was dating a teacher at the time and wanted my vacation in the time frame as hers. Well, my management team said No that we couldn't change the vacations.

    The very next year, due to a transfer and an injury I was asked if I had anything going on during my vacation. I flat out told them that I didn't have anything going on and there was no way I would switch my vacation. I reminded them how they wanted to be unreasonable the previous year not being able to change.
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    If we are called in to work and are scheduled for vacation, we get 1.5 times pay. Many drivers do work for their vacation for that reason.
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    I would think that would prevent some p/ter from moving up.
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    Do any of you vacation while you work? Lol
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    Cement, Upstate is right about the moratorium on working during a vaca. I know many in my building who would and many who wouldn't. I think some of it depends on the home life. You have a great one. Me? Not so much. So, why not work? I have worked many vaca's, much to the aggravation of the labor sup.
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    i don't go anywhere on vacation, but i'm not getting back on that truck *:nonono:
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    Possibly. But at other times, there is as many as 10 guys getting layed off. It doesn't happen often where the dispatch is that far off, but when it does, it's nice to make 45+ from punch to punch.
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    We have had a few guys that work their vacations. 2 were going through messy divorces and needed the dough. Another banked the extra dough so that he could pay cash for his toys.
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    I work during my vacations , but that is because we don't travel or go anywhere far ( and by we I mean wife ) we do a lot of little get a ways during the year where we would go out of town for a few days but that is it

    So I take my vacation checks and buy big dollar stuff ( that would be frowned on if I used the bank money ) with it , this year I am buying a FN scar or a very nice .308
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    If I stay home for vacation, I go riding every day. Bike or motorcycle. Both are tons of fun.
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    Who in there right minds answers a work phone call when they take a personal day, are sick, or on vacation ??? Do you think they are calling to just shout the sh-t with you.

    It's not in the contract. You get the same pay you would working any other day it's just another day of work and one less day of vacation you get.

    Your in the union stop kissing your management ass it isn't going to get you a FT job any quicker it goes by seniority.
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    Must depend on contract your covered by. We get 1.5 x pay rate.
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    I dont understand why they call anybody while they are on vacation! We have to hear on a daily basis that we all suck! Then all of the sudden the sky is falling when you go on vacation! Take the time while you can enjoy it. I would really hate to die and leave sick days and vacation days on the table.