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    I have been reading this board on and off and I can help but realize that ups'ers have one thing in common. They really love (some) their job and do work hard (who doesnt in ups?). But the problem is when the company play this game that reduces its employee to basically a 'number'. In MY OPINION I have never seen a company hire you and try to fire you the very same day (well not quite the same day :happy-very: )..

    That being said I find that there is a lot of PROS than cons when you work here.

    Pros: Good pay, good benefits, good retirement. Over the years ups (through my hard work) has compensated me well. Its a very stable company and with the economy now this can be helpful. The vacation is another thing, where else can you work that you have the same amount of vacation? most company offer 1 week. The job is really not that hard to be honest, and at this point in time, for me its more mental than physical. The job provides (through my hard work) me and my family good comfortable life.

    Cons: there isnt really much I can give but like I said, the job is not that hard but they make it really hard.

    and another thing is MANAGEMENT! what else can I say, everything here has been covered when it comes to that subject. I think that our founder is looking at us today and really sad as to what it has become. It is really not as much as the 'management' but how they go about doing things.

    But all of that being said, at the end of the day we will all still show up to work and do our job. I am expected to perform at a high standard and I dont deserve the treatment I am getting of just being a 'number'

    What if (a BIG what if) there is a job out there that has the same pros, will I take it and leave this one? ABSOLUTELY YES! and if our founder is alive and ask what he feels about that response I am sure his heart will be broken. If you ask the people managing now what they feel about that the answer will probably be "who gives a rats ass"


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    I think the pro's will be pretty standard, and so will the cons. LOL

    Con - Mgt

    I need to make a doctors appt so I decided to at least try and schedule where there would be little conflict in getting the day off. I talked to my sup last night and we looked at the vacation schedule for the next few weeks. W/E 5/30 looks good! Cool. So he said, Mon and Wed look good. I said, so does Fri. He immediately started whining. Not Fri everybody calls in sick on Fri. I said, maybe those people ought to not call in sick on fri. We have certain drivers that we can count on calling in sick on fri. It's always the same ones. :whiteflag:

    Think I will schedule it on Fri. :wink2:
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    Most drivers are pros and a few get fired for being cons.
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    Think I will schedule it on Fri. :wink2:[/QUOTE]
    Do it, do it, do it!
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    Do it, do it, do it![/QUOTE]

    It;s a great place to work if you are in the witness protection program.

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    Pros - Working for UPS makes everything else in your life magically appear to make much more sense.
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    Come on Dilli, no need to be difficult. We all know that when you call to make an appointment that you just tell the Dr that you work for UPS and they will gladly rearrange the appointment schedule to satisfy your boss on the spur of the moment. All you have to do then is wait till management tells you can take the day off, call up the Doc and they'll put in where ever the center manager says.

    cough...cough...cough..... schedule the friday. Preferably the 22nd, that's the Friday before Memorial Day.
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    That ain't a bad idea. LOL Lord knows I could use it.
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    Wow, what crappy management, they should just let everyone off on Friday, we don't need to deliver packages, Our customers will understand.....everyone knows that Dr offices aren't open on Mon or Wed (well that paticular Mon they probably aren't).
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    I guess you missed the point.
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    LMAO Ya think!
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    I agree!!!!!!! :bow:
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    . The job is really not that hard to be honest, and at this point in time, for me its more mental than physical. The job provides (through my hard work) me and my family good comfortable life.

    Not a hard Job? Well maybe you didn't drive for years the old non-power steering tanks that I did.

    Maybe you did not have a good seat and position like I did with the old Ford 500's

    Maybe you didn't climb in and out of old 6's and 8's all day long

    Maybe you are blessed with good genes. I have had both shoulders fixed (1 Rotator cuff) both elbows, Carpal tunnel on one hand. the other I will not do.

    My thumb needed to be reconstructed after all the repetition over and over.

    I started at UPS in fairly good shape,and by the time I retired I had my Back and other body parts in need of repair..I hope You make it as I think by the time you hang it up, you will be as many of us that came before you, leave a little battered up or worse:knockedout:
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    UPS pros and cons;
    1. PAY
    1. PAY