Working on loading speeds but getting sent home early.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ZWillz, Nov 12, 2015.

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    So I recently started at UPS as a loader for the big semi-trailers. It's a rough job, but I like it and the workout that comes with it. Everybody has said my walls are decent for the most part, but I need to work on my speed and maintain the quality of the walls I have. Last I checked, I'm getting roughly 150-200 packages scanned/loaded per hour and it is my second day of actual work at UPS. I started working last Monday, then they didn't let me work on Tuesday, then I worked a full day on Wednesday, then they sent me home after an hour today.

    However, it's hard to work on my speed while still maintaining the quality of the loads if I keep getting sent home after a short period of time. I'm not sure why they keep sending me home early, especially today- as they said they were extremely understaffed and I needed to pick up the pace. Which I did, and I was busting my ass sweating trying to build good walls at a decent pace. About 30-45 minutes after my supervisor told me they were understaffed and I needed to pick up the pace, they sent me home to which I replied "Are you sending me home because I just suck" as it wouldn't make sense to send somebody home, slow or not, if you're understaffed. To which he responded that he called in more people and they're on their way and they've got more seniority than me. Which is understandable, but if it wasn't because I suck- then why not at least wait until they arrive?

    It's very confusing and there seems to be a lot of politics with the job and I'm just trying to go with it and do as best as I can. But like I said, it's hard when they're not giving me the opportunit(ies) to improve.

    So how can I work on my loading speed and maintain quality? The training was piss poor and I was immediately just thrown into the job and kind of had to figure it out as I went.
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    I would not worry. UPS is all about seniority and money. If they can cut people to save money on hours (and ram all the packages through with no concern for damage) they will do it. Just stick with it. obviously you care about your work.. That can be a liability though.. to care too much.
    When I was new, I cared, I tried and did as well anyone who is just learning the UPS ropes.. but was sent home from time to time.. I was a little freaked too.. but it's not personal. They do that. Pretty soon you will be wishing to be sent home.
    BTW if they have higher seniority people that want your spot.. they have to hand it over, otherwise it will cost UPS ALOT in penalties (for grievances).
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    Practice makes perfect. I'd be willing to let you organize my garage in under 20 minutes?
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    Thanks! That really calms my nerves a bit. I was sitting here thinking that getting sent home this much on my first week and constantly being bitched at to improve my speed meant I was getting lined up for the chopping block. Which would royally suck as I do like this job, and I am legitimately wanting to get better at it and stick with it. As well as the need for a job to pay rent and whatnot.
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    Loading 200 pieces per hour in your first couple days in pretty good. They may be trying to break you in easy as there is a huge turn over in new hires. Stick with it and the job gets a lot better after the first year. Paid Holidays, 2 weeks paid vacation and really good health care benefits. Plus the opportunity to bid into other jobs both PT and FT. I sound just like an HR recruiter.
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    I think I got 450 total scans on my second day? Lol. Don't worry! Buy a decent water bottle and eat well. You'll be loading 300 pph in no time!
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    They do that to all new loaders here. Only work them an hour or so a night the first week. Just work as directed
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    Just be patient, they do that to new hires at my hub as well