Worst Stops


One day about 7 years ago it was a freezing day in January and I got an oncall at a house at 5;30 PM 46 boxes of old computers going to about 19 different addresses.I asked him if they were all going standard and he said yes .I put tracking labels on every pkg in his basement and loaded them in my truck...then he says I`m sorry! they all have to be there tomorrow !
So here I am trying to put express tr labels over the standard ones.Its so cold that they wouldn`t stick...determined as I was to do the job right I taped most of them on with clear tape...I had to stop a few times to warm my hands but I made it back by 7:30


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A UPS store with 700 pieces during peak because the sweeper never showed up. Filled up a p10 front to back, floor to ceiling. Air drivers had their p5's all filled and others nearby were busy doing the resi stops. Getting the airs off was fun.

The next worst was about 60 pieces about 40 lbs each going to a stop in an office park, I hadn't been on the trip long and didn't know what their typical volume was. Turns out the shipper shipped them to the wrong address. Could not get to the shelves to do the rest of my stops until an air guy came to get them off, i was 300+ over that day.


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Delivering to ANY Military base/camp........It's not the kids in the military; it's the LAZY gov't service people. I REPEAT....It's not the military people (I have 2 kids in myself)--- I despise seeing how unproductive the gov't service people are.
I don't mind paying taxes, I DO mind how it's wasted though. :mad:


How about the construction sites? Noone there wants to sign for the packages and want you to go around looking for each individual contractor. Like we have time.


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Supermarkets are pretty bad too, at least around here. The receiving hours are from 7-11:30a and some of them even have a weekday closed. They expect us to go through the front with their 20-30 packages, navigate their narrow aisles to the back room and look for someone who can sign, usually a pissed off manager going why don't you guys come when the dock is open. Totally ungrateful.


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I used to have a Kaplan test prep company on my route. Tough to park and then after you did it was 30 to one time 70 forty pound boxes down a flight of 15 stairs with a small landing - left turn 5 more stairs. No one ever noticed you were there, much less considered helping. I will never forget the day when that all changed. I had about 300 pounds on the 2 wheeler. extendo out with strap to the max. Started down the stairs when I slipped the littlest bit. I wasn't going to go down, SO my only option was to let go. The whole thing cart wheeled twice intact - hit the landing - fell over sideways to the left and down the last 5 steps - spilled papers every where. They sure came running then.


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I AGREE. I have had the same problems! Same with construction sites. I only go to their trailers. If they aren't there, I leave del notice. It makes them mad, but I am not going on a job site to search them.


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Three words: WASTE WATER PLANT...and God forbid they have a NDA and ground, and you can't find the ground pkgs. Like I want to go there twice in one day!


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I have one of those, AND THEY EAT THEIR LUNCH IN THERE!!!!!!!!
oNE DAY THE SECRETARY WAS FLAILING HER ARMS AROUND AND SAYS ......(I swear to God) "Someone in here sure has bad gas today" and I said "How can you tell?". I guess they get used to it.


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I had a fun one once... the delivery address was a mile marker
on a highway... nobody there, just a work trailer with a name on it
that matched the box.. in the trailer it went. :)