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    How do i "get my foot in the door" since i already work for a similar company and would like to have the security ( since day to day we really do not know what's going to change ) with HUGE problems at sort centers, VERY late freight, etc... of a constantly growing company and i have gone through the online application and check every day but all i get is "there are no more appointments available" ....

    it's not like i have to be taught from scratch, just the 'ups' way of doing things, heck, i am a hard worker and would love to give it a shot!!!

    by the way, i am a driver with my current company and have been for almost 10 years...

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    You mentioned you are experienced with ten years as a driver.

    That is not necessary an advantage as UPS has very specific methods and orders of procedure of doing any and everything and are very anal about it.

    Frankly, management in general thinks it's easier to train from scratch rather than attempt to break you of all your bad habits. :D

    If your driving record, tickets, accidents,etc. is good you might want to accent that portion and not about how you already know how to do the job.

    This has been discussed many times, but basically your most likely path into driving is to apply for part-time employment and transfer to full-time (driving) when you have earned it through seniority.

    I know, you don't want to wait or become a part-timer, you are already a driver elsewhere and would prefer to just step into a premiere job.

    Oh well, life rarely works that way. :p

    Contractually UPS hires full-time drivers in a six from part-time rank's transfer to one off the street.

    The off the street is normally a part-time supe transfer in recent years many places, so your chances of stepping into a driver job off the street is small to none.

    Some places the wait is short, some long, so it depends on your location as to how long you have to work part-time to get what you want.
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    Getting hired off the street depends upon the area. The language stated below may be true when there are a sufficient number of qualified employees interested. In the areas surronding Washingto DC many drivers are hired off the street.

    The off the street is normally a part-time supe transfer in recent years many places, so your chances of stepping into a driver job off the street is small to none.
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    yeah i have no tickets, accidents etc, and was just wondering, because it just seems to be still going down and i do not plan to wait to 'see what happens' and need to protect my family. thank you for the information though...there are a lot of barns in the detroit area and hopefully it would be a good shot at getting in at ONE of them...

    and to also get established ( senority) at a barn and hopefully move up...i have had a cdl for years, first i have heard that you do not need one anymore...

    funny thing is, i actually worked at a different company BEFORE the one i am currently working for now and really had no problem adapting to the new job and would not have any problem part-timing it to show what i can do, then hopefully step up ( guess i need to find the barns that really need help )...
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    Oh, I wasn't saying you would have problems, just that many in management think that way.

    The part-time is not driving by the way.

    You normally start in the very physical belly of a trailer loading or unloading depending on the shift.

    Detroit has a hub, Livonia, so you might start as a sorter or preloader, but most start with the pure physical loader/unloader positions.
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    yeah, i would love the chance to find out more like exactly WHICH detroit area bldgs have openings but in my calls to the hr office, i guess i have got to get an appointment and if the person who interviews me doesn't have any openings, maybe he or she can refer me to the person or persons who do have openings... i tell ya, the ol' bright yellow trucks seem to be losing luster...:D
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    I drive at the Toronto hub and from what I`ve seen here its relativley easy to get hired off the street as a PT driver.From there its based entirely on your performance to qualify for a full time position.I`m sure they`d appreciate your prior experience but as has been stated previously they`d have to cure you of all the bad driving habits you may have learned from your other job.Maybe you should consider relocating across the border to Windsor Ont. and try your luck there.The pay is a bit less but a job is probobly waiting for you here in Canada if you want a job at UPS .You`d still be close to family
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    Yeah, I'd suggest crossing the border if you wish to become a part-time driver as part-time drivers are only used for air deliveries and even that is a seniority bid position outside of seasonal.
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    well crossing the border is completely out of the question, there has GOT to be another option... thanks suzie, i will try that... waiting in line at the very busy border just is not an option... thanks anyway.....:D :D
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    It is my understanding that working for Fedex or DHL/Airborne actually disqualified a person from being hired at UPS. Anyone else ever heard this?
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    Not true.

    It certainly isn't considered a plus as I previously mentioned, but . . .

    We have brought two freds over while I have been here, back when it was easier to get in off the street.

    Any we have part-timers that also work for fred, emery, airborne, now dhl simultaneously while working for us, as well as hired by us after already working for them.
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    I've heard it the other way around. FedEx won't hire ex-Teamsters.
    I know several people who have gone from UPS to Airborne (DHL), but none who have gone to FedEx.
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    Gee, guess what, not true. I know several ex-UPSers who have gone to FedEx as both hourly & Mgnmt. Some after being fired from UPS.
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    Good to know. (And from such a reliable source!).

    I'd hate to think they would discriminate against good ex-Teamsters!
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    Some of us speak from knowledge, instead of from hearsay.;)
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    Ill post a bit different than Susie, and still say the same thing.

    When Fedex first came into our area, 70% or more of their drivers were ex UPS drivers. Most quit within a 2 month period that was a real low spot in our center for moral.

    Both of the Fedex ground managers were both from Ups, both ex managers, one from Florida and the other from California.

    In the more recent history, we let go a part timer that was stealing packages off the dock, and within two weeks he was working for fedex on the loading dock.

    So yes, in our area at least, fedex does hire UPSers.