Would you drive this????


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Is this for Sup/helpers ? I don't see the point of buying a fleet of this scooter crap to deliver pkgs. I like the stop counts though, looks like a bonus route.:greedy:
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I wonder why in the world do they have two people crammed in these things. Not enough stops for a driver/helper team. Does the passenger get out and push if the battery goes dead?:wink2:


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Now that you guys have these greenmobiles, I'm guessing we'll be getting something similar so we can also prevent global warming at FedEx...because "We Care". How would you like to be T-boned in one?

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Wait until you get your first Bow flex extreme or Select Comfort air bed you will need a few for just one stop. I think we deliver packages bigger than those trucks.


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You will drive it if they tell you to.

forget it if you are over 5'7, i nearly broke the door as i squeez into the cab. I don't know why UPS would pay for this useless PR green machine POS. The dashboard looks paper thin, seats are the size of a child's chair, and most of the interior is made out of cheap plastic that you would normally find on any other made in china plastic products. IMO a golf cart would be a better idea than this thing..........

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At least its better than the bicycle and trailer they came up with a few years ago. Anyone remember those? Only time they were used in our center was when someone rode one around the building. Another waste of money by some brainchild that has never been on a package car before.


Ha! Ha! Our center is going to the bike delivery for peak. Laugh my ass off, but they swear they've had fantastic success with them elsewhere. Of course, I'm dying to see someone trying to pull a mountain bike with a couple hundred pounds of boxes uphill in the snow or trying to change all the flats they'll get from all the goatheads that cover our streets and sidewalks. Nice to know that after 100 years we've evolved full circle back to bicycle deliveries.

Heck, if that doesn't work out well enough, maybe we can lobby Congress for inmate labor. No wages, just fresh air and a pack of smokes!


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The answeris: Yes I would drive that! It looks a heck of a lot easier than the 1985 non-power steering standard transmission piece of crap P1000 I drive now!


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You could have some kind of platform made in the back where you can stack boxes 5 or 6 feet. have one person driving and the other in the back chucking them out onto customers lawns or porches, dont even worry about stopping the vehicle, just keep on rocking down the street. You could even get some kind of mini pup trailer to be pulled by these things. great idea in metro areas where you would have mostly small parcels and nda letters, new york, la, etc, just not really an idea for most anywhere else.You would spend too much time going back and forth to a central area to pick up more stuff.


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maybe we can start driving those segway scooters around town too, we can carry parcels in 2 or 3 large messanger bags, kinda like a packmule.


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Thank god ill never see anything that small up here in B-LO, too snowy to get something like that, plus if i did id offer to take my own vehicle instead of that thing.