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    well 2 ppl from my boxline have already been suspended due to misloads they had 4 and 6 respectively lol ..I on the other hand had 1 .. and i load about 1600 pieces a day on avg ... and my frequency is around 1 every 5k ..its posted outside the fulltime sups office weekly .. so i get called in and was told this would be the final talk with me about it ...? like i there are way worse loaders in the building and I'm regarded as one of the best in our area of the building ..? there are ppl who avg 1 every 500 ...!!!
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    Head hunting at its best.

    They want to get rid of as many people as possible before they have to lay people off . Otherwise, they will be paying too much in unemployment claims.

    If upper managment pulled their heads out of their asses we wouldn't be in such a sad state.
  3. thats garbage, they can't touch you. See your steward if they keep it up. If he's no help see your business agent. 1 for 5000 is amazing, they're just being the stereotypical management people we read about on here. I am in management, I have a guy on my line who has that frequency (or similar), however we are not gunning for his job when he happens to have one.

    Theres good ways to manage people and bad, harassing the hell out of someone who rarely has an off day isn't one of the good ones.
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    thing is out of 50 possible loaders out of misload frequency im like 5th best ..? one guy is almost perfect at 1 every 26k .. and a couple others are right above me .. so i dont get why they are coming after not me per se but mainly our boxline ..? we have a very very young boxline ... i mean 1 misload out of every 5k isnt bad .. but i guess its what have you done for me lately and its in 3 days ( 3,0,1 ) still not astronomical numbers .. 1 day was just a mental slip
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    yea im my latter stages of transitioning to a p/t sup to .. so i hope if for whatever reason a suspension comes along it aint going to look good ... but every our union shop steward and my full time sup have regarded me as their best loader ..? i just dont get it .. me and the sup are good friends too as i am with the other p/t supes ..i guess its just business
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    Do you think that maybe they were trying to motivate you so that you would get with the other loaders on your boxline to see if you can help them improve their misload frequency? Your current frequency is outstanding and it sounds to me like they are hoping that you will be able to help the others on your boxline turn things around.
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    well im good friends with the p/t sup on our boxline so he could come out and say something of that sort if thats what they wanted but i am always the last to leave on the boxline ..but i wrap my cars first usually either helping out with whatever the sup tells me or helping our other loaders because their quality and mislaods are pretty high .. but i cant see how with my frequency and i got a real number i just remembered it 1 in every 4896 ...( rounded to 5 k ) .. I cant see that as being bad when 90 % of the area is doing worse
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    Based on everything you have said thus far you are not going anywhere. I still believe that they are simply trying to motivate you to get the rest of your boxline to improve their frequencies. Keep up the good work and feel free to come up to Plattsburgh--we could definitely use you.
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    How long have you been there? Do you make more an hour then most others?
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    haha .. thanks yea im the good ol pa as well .. the big city ..*
    yea i couldnt get a read from them .. it seems weird I mean its a new set of trucks this past month but im still doing the same numbers with the mishap on friday and the 1 i had on monday ... thats 4 total i know ppl who get that in one day daily .. I mean i even pull misloads off others cars when they leave because the let ppl go at certain times .. and its only me and the sup left.. they have already suspended 2 of our loaders on this boxline already ( there are 5 total including myself ) .. and they both are probaly 1 every <1k
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    i make 10.50 ..been there for near a yr.. and soon to be p/t supe... been told im the best or one of the best out of the 4 boxlines in our area... I don't really know what to make of it
  12. DISCLAIMER: In no way do I think this situation is at every UPS operation, this is just my experience and observations at my building

    they tried this crap when I was transitioning as well. Not nearly as involved as yours. Saying my attitude was bad blah blah blah, that I didn't care about the job (loading). All of which was complete garbage. I always did whatever was asked of me (within reason) when it came to UPS (first to volunteer to help, come in on sat, etc). It got to the point where I flat out told one of my supes that I do this job to the best of my ability and then I go home. Thats all I have to do and if thats not enough then too bad.

    In that aspect my job hasn't changed. When I walk out the door my ties to UPS are severed. The sole exception is PEAK (one week I worked nearly 47 hrs...preload stuff extending), and if certain supes who treat me well need favors. When I'm in the building I play by the rules (even if they don't sometimes), and do my job the best I can with the time allotted. I know my questions, the ESTA key points, the commitment statement etc. cold so they have nothing to get on my back about. Lately, they've been really pouring on the nitpicking in our building for some beneficial outcome yet to be revealed. Our workers are :censored2: off, many management members disgruntled as well so I hope that promised land that is to be the result of all this reveals itself soon.

    But me? I like my job. I still dislike the hours (lol) but I don't let anything they say get to me, and usually disregard the "comments" because normally the person making them has no idea what they are talking about and/or are doing so without the correct information. I bend over backwards to help the people who need the help in any way, those people being my preloaders and the drivers on my line if they have questions. Are we always on the numbers? no, but then again, I don't think someone can safely load 1100 packages by their numbers when 60% of it comes after break and they want us out by just over 3.5 hrs for preloaders. They don't say they want such things, but to make the numbers they want (not necessarily what's required) thats what would be necessary. The job is what you make of it, if you're easily hurt or take things personally then this really isn't the job for you (not trying to be a jerk) as they nitpick and some really inflammatory things at my building sometimes (actually its one guy and he THINKS he's being funny, he really just pisses people off). Whatever you do, don't lie to your people. Do it and they'll know it, if only my boss could figure that one out. :wink2:
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    sounds pretty much like my buildin .. I mean this was the first time i was called in .. they said they had to bring everybody down because evryone on the line had a misload ...? but yea what you were saying as you werebecoming a sup is happening to me kinda actually too.. lol ... but me and the supes are real tight so i guess its business first for them but i dont think they are singling me out i guess since the whole boxline got misloads that i had to coem in as well ?
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    Are they talking to everyone that had misloads?

    Did you bring up your previous results? what did they say?

    They may be trying to talk to everyone that has misloads just to send a wake up call.

    If their considering you for promotion then the misload may have been an excuse to see how you handle negative feedback.
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    maybe if they would bring us in earlier and give us more time to load the packages correctly (instead of shoving 1200-1500 packages down our throats in 4.5 hours), then their preloaders might do a little better job.
    they train us to check the PAL label with the tracking number and then write on the side of the packages so we can put them in the correct car and in sequential order to make it easier for us and the driver. frankly i don't have that kind of time when they are shoving that much volume down my belt. something has to give. you sacrafice your payroll and have less misloads- or you sacrafice preload hours and have less accuracy. UPS chooses to give us less hours- so they should be held responsible for the consequences.
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    And that right there is the biggest part of the UPS problem. The tip of the spiral.

    But the focus is on the end of the problem, where it will only help so much.
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    PkgHandler, Upstate said Plattsburg, not Pittsburg and I think if mngmt wanted to motivate you to help your boxline, they could simply ask this of you. Your sup (friend) must be getting pressure from above.
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    Our misload goal is 1 in 3000, that is 0.03% of the packages being misloaded and it isn't hard to hit that goal. I think most of the time we are usually around the 1 in 5000 range which is 0.02%. I would say a 0.02% misload average isn't too bad.
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    Tell them to suck an egg and just keep doing what your doing.