Wow.. eleventy five threads and countless posts and the TA is not even public yet

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by AKCoverMan, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. AKCoverMan

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    It's amazing to me that so many people have already made up their minds based strictly on leaked information and rumor.

    The lasted on International Brotherhood of Teamsters | International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) is simply that the TA has been reached and that it will be available to the membership "in a few days".

    I kinda expected to see it today but nothing new has been posted.

    So apparently all the posting so far is kinda like the NFL preseason. Doesn't mean that much. I think once we have the actual TA Brown Cafe will have to add another server to keep up with the traffic!
  2. Baba gounj

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    no news is good news
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    Eleventy Five? Where does that fall on the old number chart?
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    Whats the big secret?
  5. neartom

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    Strictly on a need to know basis
  6. article22

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    Its so bad they are ashamed to show it to us!! Jusy my 2 cents!!!
  7. TheBrownGuy

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    Both sides need to figure out how they are going to "sell" the contract. Usually you will get bits and pieces of information from both sides so heavily slanted with manipulative talking points you would think you were listening to a cable "news"/opinion show. Then the actual TA will be released. Good luck actually reading through all the changes, and the supplements. Unbiased analysis by people who actually read it will not be the norm.
  8. bottomups

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    Every local will have meetings for the membership where they will go over the proposed contract line by line. These meetings will be your chance to ask any questions that you may have on any changes to the National Master and any supplements.
  9. stink219

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    See what?!! Language that is being worded this and next week? Does anyone know how the process works? If not, I'll explain it. There is a reason that we know only monetary issues so far. It's because it's cut and dry. The language changes of the other articles takes a little bit longer. If a one word is the wrong place it could change the dynamic of the contract. Thats why they chose labor lawyers instead of brown cafe trolls to write the articles. You need to be a tad bit more patient. There is no conspiracy to keep information from you. They started talks a year ago. A tentative was reached last Thursday. Obviously it's gonna be a little bit before you get your "PDF file with the under lined changes". And Thebrownguy is correct, read for yourself. To make your decision. I already had to correct a couple of TDU guys at work who were giving misinformation to people. Stick to the facts. Do not speculate.
  10. AKCoverMan

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    If "an agreement has been reached" all that language should be done. Or it should have been announced as "an agreement in principle" meaning they aren't done with all the details.

    And I am not a "brown cafe troll" unable to read or understand contract language. I am a full time professional driver and I have plenty invested in this contract.

    On the one hand I feel that UPS is a highly profitable company and the bulk of that comes via the hard work, knolwedge, and skill of ALL the unionized work force. Since I am a driver I am of course biased to our work group.. I like to say "Everyday we take their fubared plan and turn it into a highly profitable operation". So I want us to get a big slice of the pie.

    On the other hand I recognize that compared to alot of other careers we DO get a big slice of the pie so anything that maintains our great pay and benefits, while still sustating company profits is a win. Of course I want as much as I can get, who dosen't? But getting this done without a real strike threat is a good thing. Believe me we WANT a company in a very profitable position when contract time rolls around.

    The biggest thing I want to see in this contract is not for me. It's for the part timers. When I get a crappy load it's hard for me to blame the part time preloader who is getting $9.50/hr and no bennies for a year. We go thru a lot of them and the quality shows. (The full time preloader are by and large, fabulous. But they are way more invested in their job.)

    In my past life I was a manager for American Express in the travel agency division. I never made close to the money I make as a UPS driver, nor had anything close to the benefits we have. And AMEX is a Dow30 company they certainly had the deep pockets.

    I'll be waiting for the actual contract before I decide how to vote.
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    What are ya...Stoopid?:wink2: Eleventy Four of course.
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    Thank god someone gets my humor! As I say almost daily "Hey, I deliver boxes for a living. I've got to have fun ​somehow!"