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    So here is my situation I have four total write ups in the last 9 months and Management is going ahead with and up to a 5 day suspension. I have received a warning back in April but that is my latest write up. I assumed that after 9 months write ups became void. do I need to wait till my warning letter gets to nine months before UPS needs to go through their steps again?
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    I wanna help you but I'm really confused...

    So you have been written up 4 times in 9 months. Were they all for the same thing?

    When you say write ups do you mean just talk withs or warning letters or did they go thru the whole progression with you and now it's a 5 day?
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    So, what did ya do?
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    You are 7 months out from your last discipline (warning letter in April), not 9 months. Using progressive discipline, you should perhaps expect a 1-5 day suspension this time. I would suggest concentrating on not messing up anymore.

    Change your user name, and do not give any more details about your situation on this forum. Discuss it with your steward or BA. Grieve every warning letter and suspension...
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    Nowadays everything follows everything falls into failure to follow methods/procedures. They can really stack it on ya. Good luck
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    Very rarely are you going to go from a warning letter to a 5 day suspension unless you were fired for something else. Typically, progressive discipline goes -- warning letter, (3 day) suspension, working termination.

    The union attempts to reduce or eliminate this discipline at each stage based on the general disciplinary policy of the company (making sure everyone is being disciplined fairly and held to the same standard) and the record of the employee. If you're being disciplined for attendance and then show a marked improvement, it becomes a lot easier for the union to reduce that suspension.
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    grieve it. Always grieve it
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