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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by upsers01, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Brown Spider

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    Yes. It was my lingering animosity over his 1981 firing of the striking air traffic controllers. Either that or it was just an "oops" moment...or 3 of them.
  2. Mugarolla

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    OK. You told us how you would respond to the message, now tell us what you would do.

    1. Come in when instructed with missed packages.

    2. Come in later than the instructed time with no missed packages.
  3. Brown Spider

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    Force them to make the decision...that's what they get paid to do.

    "I can come in at the prescribed time with missed packages or I can stay out beyond the prescribed time and return with no missed packages. Please advise, send help, or tell me if you'd like me to make the decision."
  4. Mugarolla

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    Just wanted clarification.

    Originally, you said that you would reply "the request is not possible" and leave it at that, or something about Raegan crapping a watermelon.
  5. Brown Spider

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    Glad to provide the clarification. I probably should have left the Reagan quote out of the equation. It was simply an example of a response to someone making an unreasonable demand, as UPS was making in this case. Then again...there were time when I wished that Ronald Reagan actually did crap a watermelon.
  6. By The Book

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    Was it a hot and humid day?
  7. Dr.Brownz

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    I hope you grieved it and filed harassment grievances
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    I'm on the twilight shift, called the warehouse least 5x times a hour before my shift. No one answers. I tell my supervisor, 'cause a family member is very ill and i'm on my way to port chester, NY. He said it's fine, then one of the managers tells him since i never called my job is in Jeopardy, which i think is bull because i never got written up, nor got sent a letter. I've been there for a year. I see how they try and scare you.
  9. Eye To Eye Contact.

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    RDO does put stops in very weird places. As Orion does as well. But I guess the difference is that RDO runs in numerical order ??
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    RDO stands for Regular Delivery Order, which is how your EDD is set up.

    If your RDO is screwed up your Orion solution will be worthless.
  11. tacken

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    Work as directed be back when they want you to be back. Pretty simple.