Written up for Calling in Option Day

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  1. About a week ago, I called in an option day an hour and a half before my start time. The center manager asked me if I was sick and I said no. He then said I was doing this the wrong way and needed me to come into work or I would be written up the following day. I didn't come in that day and sure enough I was written up the next day. He said that option days are to be scheduled in advance and cleared with him. I filed a grievance and still waiting to hear back from Union. This seems like a way of intimidation to keep us from calling in option days. Has anyone had this happen?
  2. IWorkAsDirected

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    As far as I know they have to be scheduled in advance, we generally have to ask two weeks ahead, sometimes it will work out with less notice if no one else wants that day.
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    Lately in our center we've been having more drivers than routes. Lots of double shifting is taking place. Now is a good time to get an option day approved the morning of the day you want to take off. If your center is short of drivers then I could understand the supervisor doing what he did.
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    You cant call in option days.You have to request them using an optional request form.Where I am they must be submitted I believe, 2 weeks prior to the requested day.They are then authorized or refused.Your center manager was right.You will lose your grievance,and probobly end up on the who should we fire next list if you do that again.If you had said you were sick,he may well have let you have the day as an optional if he thought you were deserving of it.My advice to you is dont piss off your center manager by pulling crap like this,or you wont be a ups employee long.
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    Here in 804 you have to ask 1 week in advance.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    DS is right on the button
    At least a week ahead, if the day is available

    You would have been better off booking off sick and then asking to use an optional day to pay for it after you returned
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    8 days in advance here.
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    We have to put in option day requests at least 8 days in advance. Now if you called in and requested a day off and it was granted, then I could see asking if you could go ahead and use an option day. Managers usually don't have a problem giving option days in this situation. The faster they can get rid of your option days, the better as far as they are concerned. You probably will lose your grievance.

    I have had my supe try to slide in an option day on me when I just requested off. When I called him on it, his reply was "What difference does it make?" My answer was "What if I use both of my option days . Then 2 months from now a junior driver and I both want the same day off. He wants to use an option day and I don't have any left. Who gets the nod?" His answer, "The driver with the option day." I said "Exactly! That's why I like to save them for when I need them." He hasn't done it since.
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    I had the same thing happen to me Browneye. But I didn't catch it in time and now I lose my chance at a planned day off after I did them a favor by taking a day off after I had already come in. I would have taken the day off without pay as I did have some business I could have taken care of. I didn't ask for an optional day the morning of, that would be stupid.:biting:
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    No advance notice required in my region. One hour before start time you call in and tell them you are using an option day and that's it. No discipline for doing so either. You can tell them when you want to use one in advance and they cannot tell you no. It's beautiful.
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    One week to the day notice here. Mgmt has 24 hours to get back to you granted or denied. If they dont get back to you day is yours.
    If you need the day and didnt ask in advance call up 1 hour prior to start and say "This is me wont be in personal". They dont have to know anything else. If they try to get you to come in to work i repeat it again and then say "see you tomorrow" and hang up.
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    They keep telling us here that it has changed to where the options days have to be OKed in advance. The contract has NOT been changed, so that is just a load of... We have ONE personal holiday that has to be requested in advance in writing, the rest DO NOT according to the contract. The management can not change the contract to suit them, they try, but that can be fought. One just has to determine if they want to fight it or not. The option days are OUR's guaranteed (same as a vacation) in the contract without stipulations on how they are to be granted. How can they discipline you for taking them? I'll try to find the exact language for our area.
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    It sounds to me like you're lucky you didn't get fired for not coming in. I doubt you'll get much help from the union on this since you weren't sick.
  14. IWorkAsDirected

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    I really wish it could work that way here, they absolutely refuse to let you have a scheduled off with no pay day unless you have no option days left. It's true they want you to burn them as quick as possible.
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    I am confused as to what the policy is here where I am in Georgia. I have tried researching it with no luck. Can anyone give me a link to the contract and article number that provides the guidelines? My sups clearly don't know neither because I get different answers from all of them.

    Thanks in advance...
  16. 9/5Everyday

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    My advice is, if you need to take a personal, just call off. I know in our center (1610) you never get personal days when you request them. Never enough manning is the problem. Just always say your sick.
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    Option days are given/taken on a mutually agreeable basis.
  18. Jones

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    It all depends on your supplement. In the Atlantic Area we have to put in a request 7 days in advance. My understanding is that under the Southern Area Supplement they have something called "option3" days, which are paid days off that can be called in one hour before start time. I'm sure someone here must be under that supplement can explain how it works better than I have.
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    Option days differ from sick days in that they must be scheduled and, as stated above, mutually agreed upon. Depending on the time of year you may be able to go in, request a personal day, and be sent home. To call in sick everytime you want a day off, as suggested by 9/5, is a bad habit to get in to and shows little regard for your center team or your co-workers.
  20. Jones

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    In the Atlantic Area they don't have to be mutually agreed upon. The company is required to grant a certain number of option requests per day(based on the number of drivers in the center, just like the vacation formula), which in my center is 5 per day. You put in your request for a specific day, and as long as 5 senior drivers haven't requested the same day, you get it.