Xmas Peak

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by The Robster, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. The Robster

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    As we are now at the start of our busy period of the year in the Uk, i was wandering how things are elsewhere, and with the Post Office going on a national strike, im sure we will be taking on extra work!
  2. airbusfxr

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    Rob, the aircraft mechanics for UPS might also be on strike during peak. No one will be busy here in the US if that happensbecause all IBT people will honor the strike like in '97. Are you at an air hub and can you tell us if the mechanics working on the planes are doing PMCs and PS checks? Are you covered under any labor agreements? I have not heard about your PO strike can you tell us more, thanks for any info.
  3. The Robster

    The Robster New Member

    The Post Office here having been talking about a National Strike for some months. They have had some local one day strikes, not all offices, but now the Union have balloted for all out. We will be taking Amazons freight when this happens.

    I work out of a Centre in the Uk Southern England. Not heard of any action being taken by your Uk counterparts!
  4. ups79

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    I doubt if the whole country honors your strike. You have to remember we had ground before we ever had air.
  5. airbusfxr

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    Your right, just the IBT contractual people will not cross another IBT strike, just like in'97.
  6. Do you actually think a BC post will help your frivolous abritration over outsourcing?
  7. Tiny Panda

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    We're already running close to last years peak, late Tamworth and late EMA's still going strong.
  8. Any idea of the rest of the EUR?