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    It has now been a fully year sense we lost our combo jobs and were forced to work a split shift (sunrise/preload and twilight) And still are not allowed to work on our noon day shift!?!?! A year from when 25 eam/noonday combos where replaced by part timers. Some combos jobs have come back only to be filled with part time employees. The split shift keeps one from geting enough sleep, and has cuased sevral members to fall asleep at the wheel on way home from ups. Luckly only had one has crash thier car and no one was hurt bad. The work with lack of sleep has put several members in the hospital for exhaustion.

    We have not seen our heard any news from local about the greviances that we all filed. From what i have seen online none of our issue have made it to national. So i guess its still between local ba and labor. When ask local they just tell us that they are meeting next month, and next month comes and tell us next month,next month. They are more worried about building a new building, that is paid for and is ok, than dealing with combos. They want to vote on spending money on new building other than using labor lawer for members. (We asked last summer in craft meeting) Said it wasn't nessary it was going to be fixed. That was over 6 months...well time for me to go back to work.
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    Check your supplement. in ours you are guaranteed to work the 8 hours in "uninterrupted succession" Part-Timers keep the union dues and pension afloat!! Don't worry, the same thing is happening nationwide.
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    Management at UPS has become so vile over the past two years. This mess with the 22.3s is just one of the many examples. I wish they could be thrown in jail for contract violations.
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    The said thing is that the will have a written contract!!!! The lay off language is clear! it should be a easy win! back in 2000 they took our combo pay away on the grounds of no language on rate of pay. It took 18months of going all the way to a arbitrator. We lost and had to take part time pay for full time job. At that time i didn't think we had much of a chance because i could see both sides of the coin. But this time its a 100% on the members side and our local is sitting on it! Why!?! Are the combos what our local gave up in return for ups balling out the pension?!?!

    Will see at next meeting if they are doing'm sure i will hear they are meeting next week or month. Members that's ok members have already taken next step. We are following the lead of a group of teamsters. Our local thinks they are the union. Sorry but it's members on the shop floor that make the union. They have clearly forgoten this and that theirs is more than one way to cook an egg.

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    +1 Since the new guy took over.
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    Sorry but the 22.3 full-time employees and the jobs are the minority when it comes to UPS issues. part-timers in many cases are jealous, FT drivers and feeders don't know they exist or what they are, and management of course despises 22.3.
    There is no fighting what is happening. Like has been said, these problems are occuring nationwide. According to the company and the Teamsters, we are lucky to have jobs and that is all.

    22.3 employees are stranded on their own UPS island, completely segregated and will be left for dead eventually.

    I say either suck it up or find new job/work. At one time I complained and second guessed both parties, co and union. I don't care to complain anymore.

    In about 3 years the 22.3 will probably be gone altogether, or the jobs , language and etc will be reworked. And the changeswill not be pretty; just a guess.
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    In about 3 years (now) the 22.3 will probably be gone altogether, or the jobs , language and etc will be reworked. And the changes will not be pretty; just a guess (your guess is correct). We have started getting rid of these jobs here. Sorry everyone - most of these positions are not necessary and can be filled by a part-time position.
  8. UnsurePost

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    Well, I agree the company has taken that that stance and has begun. However the last line is where you are wrong. The jobs are necessary, as the company and union agreed to create and maintain 20,000 jobs contractually. I am not going to debate the whole political or financial angle as UPS will spin, but the terms were agreed to and voted on and should be upheld.
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    while what is going on with the 22.3 jobs is not right and as much as i hate to say it some of it is our own fault.Since these jobs where created the company hated them and we all knew this,but then many not all 22.3 began to abuse the system.For example not calling your 2nd part of your combo to let them know your not coming in,"i let the home sort know"or"thats there problem"are common things said.Not being willing to help a driver unload air for 15 minutes because your bid job says clerk not unloader.Milking the clock for ever bit of overtime you can get.leaving your area for your full hour lunch no matter how blown up it is or how many times they ask you to work 15 more dont get me wrong i am guilty of all these things at one time or another but i was wrong.Alot of 22.3 were unreasonable not all but some.It is a shame that these jobs might dissapear in the coming years,and the contract does protect us but just like so many things in the contract it does not get enforced.In the end many combo guys made it easy to hate us.
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    You are so right, many times over we are our own worst enemy. You sign up for a eight hour job, do a eight hour job, not five or six. How can you justify your full time status to the company when by your actions confirms their opinion that it really is part time not a full time position. If you do not have enough work in your classification, go clean tables in the break room, sweep the floor, just get your time in....:wink2:
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    That agreement was with the company and T.D.U. not the company and the I.B.T. The national deserves as much of the blame for being a spinstress.
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    All this can be said the same for all postitions. Exept the not calling each shifts. Quick fix for that. When you call in and tell them that you are calling in for both shifts they can leave a note. It's not that hard. OR do like other companys and have a 800 number for all call ins.

    22.3 jobs maybe gone, But that is 3 years away. In the mean time we have a written binding contract between two parties. They have agreed in writting and must compliy with. I fought for it and will continue til the end. Members must look to each other and stand together as a union should. If you call yourself a teamster than you should suport all teamster reguardless of classification.
    At our hub we have 91 package car drivers and 120 combos about 95 of which have split shifts.

    Never forget what it means to be a teamster. This union and this country where both started by the minority standing together against the majority.
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    What agreement between the Company and TDU???
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    18 years ago when I started I would never dream UPS would hate a certain group of their own employees so much as to try and destroy them. Yet here we are in their scope sights for the big sin of wanting a fulltime job that isn't package or feeder, with our Union taking our dues but sitting on the sidelines watching. I can only hope "what goes around, comes around" is indeed true for all of them and the ghosts of 22.3s start visiting them in their sleep.
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    Stop the UPS Full-Time Jobs Giveaway

    February 26, 2010: Did the International cut a secret deal to let UPS eliminate thousands of full-time 22.3 jobs?
    In a tough economy, good full-time jobs with union benefits are at a premium. But the Hoffa administration has let UPS eliminate thousands of good full-time jobs that they are required to maintain by the contract.
    Article 22.3 of the national master agreement requires UPS to maintain the 20,000 full-time combo jobs won as a result of the 1997 strike. Hundreds of grievances have been filed on this issue by members, stewards and local unions. Not a single one has been heard by the national grievance panel.
    The complete lack of enforcement—and the information brownout from our union on the issue—has fueled rumors that the Hoffa administration has made a secret “handshake agreement” with UPS not to push the issue until volume increases.
    The contract language is crystal clear and it makes no exception for volume. Article 22.3 says: “The number of full-time jobs created under Article 22, Section 3 of the 1997-2002 and the 2002-2008 contracts shall not be reduced.” Period.
    After the 1997 strike, the company refused to create the first batch of 22.3 jobs. Our union took the issue to arbitration where the company relied on a sentence in the contract that declared the company’s obligations under Article 22.3 would be “null and void” if “there is a reduction in volume causing layoffs.”
    UPS lost that arbitration and was forced to create the jobs and pay back wages. Then that language—and any reference to volume—was eliminated from the 2002 and 2008 contracts. It is hard to see what the company’s argument could be at this point.
    The first national grievance panel of the year is scheduled for March 1 to 5 in Fort Lauderdale. Twenty locals have Article 22.3 grievances on the docket—including locals in every region. Many other grievances are being held up while the company stonewalls on the issue.
    Thousands of Teamster members have signed a petition calling on the International Union to process a national grievance on the issue that would enforce the rights of every affected Teamster.
    The International Union has the power to enforce the contract and make UPS deliver all 20,000 full-time combo jobs, with backpay, that we went on strike to win. It’s time to use it.
  16. PT Stewie

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    If for some reason they get postponed again this time,the "secret handshake theory" may gain some traction. We will know after this week.
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    Interesting and upsetting to not see 1 of the over 700 grievances filed by the "dissolved" 22.3s represented by 767. The only case I saw was over being paid for getting the airport ID. I would be most grateful if someone sees something I didn't concerning our jobs.
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    TDU is usually a good source of information. Often the only source of information. I visit their website all the time. Unfortunately, as I explained months ago on another thread, they are not accurate on the 22.3 issue.

    There is no gurantee of 20,000 22.3 jobs!!! That language was deleted when the current Contract passed. If the previous Contract had been allowed to run its course, UPS would have been obligated to create 2,500 jobs during the final year (8/1/2007 - 7/31/2008). But Hoffa wanted to rush the passage of the new Contract to allow UPS to abandon the Central States Pension Fund as cheaply as possible. If UPS' withdrawal was to coincide with the natural expiration of the previous Contract on 7/31/2008, UPS would have had to pay an even higher Withdrawal Liability payment than the $6.1 billion they owed. Hoffa also wanted to act before the APWA's decertification effort got its act together, and to steal their main (only) issue of the sorry state of the Central States Pension Plan. And as always, Hoffa wanted to please UPS, who wanted an early Contract ratification.

    No one knows for sure, because Hoffa refuses to release the list, but the final year's 2,500 jobs were probably never created. Hoffa engineered an early ratification of the current contract which became in full legal force, and completely replaced the previous Contract on 12/19/2007. This ment more than seven months remaining of the previous Contract just evaporated, and with it UPS' obligation to create 22.3 jobs during that period.

    It took several months to negotiate that new Contract and several more months for the voting process to take place. (Five Supplements were originally rejected and had to be "sweetened" in renegotiations and revoted.) I assume during all this time UPS knew that the 22.3 language would be deleted from the new Contract, so they probably didn't create any 22.3 jobs during this time either. Besides, UPS has always been behind schedule in creating 22.3 jobs. So probably 2,500 (or more) 22.3 jobs were never created in the first place.

    Notice the new Contract does not say all 20,000 22.3 jobs that should have been created will be guaranteed; only the 22.3 jobs actually created will be guaranteed. The members, as usual, (blindly) voted to accept the number of 22.3 jobs in existance on 12/19/2007 (whatever that number was) as the final number of jobs, and that no further jobs need to be created by UPS thereafter. If 22.3 jobs should have been created in the months prior to 12/19/2007 but wern't, the members voted to let those jobs stay uncreated. The members also voted to allow UPS to move the jobs from place to place, although this right of UPS is not absolute. There is general Contract language about Seniority and Transfers of Work that must be taken into account.

    If anyone knows how to make members know what they are voting "YES" on before they vote, please post the secret. I'm dying to know.
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    checked out this link pretty interesting to see how many 22.3 cases there are.will the results be avalible to see and if so when?