Yo, I'm new to this UPS cafe.

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    I was surfing the internet search engine on how to become a better package handler and I came across a forum which spoke I this website. Well, I am now using the iPhone App. I never really used one of these things before so here I goes.

    Anywho, I was hired through reference. I was a dishwasher and then the new dishwasher told me about UPS. He works in 408 hub and I in 650 hub.

    So does anyone know how to be a better package handler? I think I need better walls because I am always hearing that my walls suck.

    Plus does anyone know of any workout regiments good for a package Handler?

    And if anymore questions of who I am, feel free to ask!

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  2. Gumby

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    Welcome to The BROWN CAFE!....dont worry about walls,you will run Into plenty of them! Work safe and good luck to you!
  3. greengrenades

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    Don't worry about walls, just make them the best you can. And just stretch before work and loading/unloading will be your work out.
  4. AKWchingchong415

    AKWchingchong415 New Member

    Thanks guys.

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