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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by spitt2000, Oct 1, 2006.

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  2. moreluck

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    At least the cops saved the taxpayers of Florida from having to bed & feed this jerk for God knows how many years.
  3. spitt2000

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    I gotta admit I laughed when he said they would have shot him more, but they ran out of bullets!
  4. over9five

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    Makes you wonder.... Did the police have something to hide?

    They made sure he could never tell his side of the story...
  5. STLFeeder

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    Quote of the year...

    That’s all the bullets we had, or we would have shot him more.

  6. Raw

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    Overninefive, What possibly could the police have to hide? The dude was pulled over for a traffic violation and shot the policeman 8 times, 2 close range in the head and killed the K-9. This is how we give whats due to cop killers in my neck of the woods!
  7. over9five

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    This was legalized murder.

    They fired 110 shots at a man who hadn't even been charged with anything.

    He was shot 68 times. How many hits did it take till he was no longer a threat? Three, maybe?

    This was a trained SWAT team. They could have neutralized him with one shot, but hey, we're above the law! Lets make an example of him!

    Judge, jury, and executioner. As illegal as a lynching. Bad cops, that's all they were.
  8. OldUPSDriver

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    He wasn't a UPS teamster so why do you care, 9.5??
  9. tieguy

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    I hope they got the right guy.

    Over 9.5 is right. No one likes a cop killer and if they got the right guy then he earned what he got.

    But when the cops become judge , jury and executioner then we create an environment where tommorrow someones innocent son or daughter will be the next person shot 68 times.
  10. Raw

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    I think he was the right guy unless he was some other Jamaican man with long dread-locks who made it across the police line undetected and decided to hide behind a fallen tree and shoot at police ! Hmmm....three times or sixty-eight times, dead is dead. This ain`t a police show on TV, I remember when I was naive....Don`t you armchair second-guessers think police already have enough pressure on them ?
  11. Jones

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    I'm sure it seems like only yesterday :laugh:
  12. spitt2000

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    Raw, ROFLMAO
  13. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    I didn't see anything in the story above that tells me the guy was shooting at police only that they found him in the woods with a gun in his hand. It is possible to find people in the woods carrying a gun in their hand. I have gone out and done some target practice from time to time. Hate to think I could get shot 68 times for it.

    As I think about it I have to wonder how difficult it could be to shoot someone 68 times. You figure the guy is easily on the ground after the first 10 making him a difficult target to hit. They had to be pretty darn close to him to get the other 58 in. Don't imagine he was moving too much on the last 58 shots other then his body twitching as the bullets hit him.

    The only pressure the police had on them was trying to reload fast enough to fire all them shots.

    Again I have no love or mercy for a cop killer. The cops acting as judge , jury and executioner in this case is disturbing.
  14. spitt2000

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    I take it you missed all of the television coverage that this issue generated...It all started with what would have been a minor traffic offense and the guy tripped out and went crazy, but your point is taken that tis fact was not presented in this story.
  15. Raw

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    Not difficult at all to imagine a cop killer being shot 68 times considering there were hundreds of police that surrounded the area where they knew he was for 24 hours. Just as some of the police that were involved with the shooting was at the slain officers burial a couple days later , they got a call that someone had barricaded themself. What did the S.W.A.T. team do? They used teargas and got the guy with no injuries to anyone. The reason I have this much info is that this story is a local story.
  16. DS

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    Do you know whats bugging me? The fact that the good old USA has guns available to everyone with your "outdated"
    right to bare arms law...The nitwits and morons are killing Amish kids now. Theres no reason for everyone in the USA to own a gun.The more guns,the more accidents....I say ban guns excepting hunters and police oficers.
    I may be a bit unrealistic,I`m Canadian,and we had a bad one recently in yet another school,and people died as a result of some ******* that wanted to kill a few kids before they got him. I hate guns.
  17. toonertoo

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    Hey DS I hate guns too, they scare me just holding them. Im afraid it will jump out of my hand and shoot me in the head. But the sad fact is ds, its not the gun,its not dangerous, its the people that have them, and if we say only hunters and police can have them, guess who will have them, hunters, cops and CRIMINALS.

    Now these poor Amish kids didnt have a chance, you know why? They didnt even have a phone. This psycho went into a schoolhouse where these kids, these little girls had no clue what was happening to them, maybe that was the best for them, it was over before they knew. They dont know about so much evil we have in the world. They never saw or heard about Columbine, or the three shootings in the last week. They were innocent little girls. The police never would have known about it if the murderers wife had not called the police, for maybe hours. These people do not even watch TV, few listen to the radio, and you will find one or two somewhere in an area where it is all amish may have a cell phone. And for all you will hear bad about the amish, they dont pay taxes, they dress funny, they keep to themselves, they are people like I wish we all were.

    But Ill bet you if some big bad american mailman, or Ups guy, or milkman (oh yea they dont need them either) had walked in, with a gun, or possibly without, there might not be 5 little girls dead. Just one dead bad guy. Thats why I say dont ban guns. I feel it is a detterent. We shouldnt need guns in schools, in churches, in malls, in offices. But we do. But when Americans start defending themselves this crap will stop. With all the time this guy had to plan this attack he knew
    1. No one would have a gun
    2> no one would have a phone
    3. there would be no men there to defend them
    4. there would be no security.
    5. he could carry out his twisted plan.
    6. and then he could kill himself, instead of giving that pleasure to someone else.

    A big mighty man who would kill a bunch of defenseless little girls, because of something that may have happened in his life. I hope he rots the worst imaginable type of rot in HELL, and any others like him. I wish I could have shot him myself.

    They were 6 yrs old!!!!!!, we need to get rid of people with that mentality. And the really sad thing is we probably all know of someone so off center, he could be the next. I say Shoot them now, no one will notice or care. Judge jury and executioner, after this I dont care. JMHO

    Oh yeah just to continue my rant, he was a MILK MAN, probaly all those little girls knew him as the trusted milkman on their farm, when he waltzed in and executed them. How sad.
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  18. spitt2000

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    That old outdated thing called the constitution? Why without that, we might be almost as good as our global economic super power friend to the north, Ay?
  19. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Whats more of a miracle with this incident is that more cops were not shot. Its clear the whole thing got out of control if they fired 110 shots at the guy.
    I'm surprised a few of them did not shoot each other in the melee.

    Anyway you shake it out though it was definitely a lead lynching.
  20. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I always think when I hear of these shootings... One lawfully armed citizen could have stopped this. MORE Americans need to be armed, not less. Get your license to carry NOW, Don't leave home without it!

    A "lead lynching"! That pretty much says it all.